Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Touchdooooooooown!... or not.

Last Saturday, we had Jake and Keaton's first football games of the season. It was sooo hot during Jake's game, but luckily it cooled down for Keaton's. They both played very hard and ended up with some nice battle wounds, but unfortunately, the Shakers were losers that day. haha But what matters most is I was a supportive sister and got some rockin pics that I know my mom has been dying for me to post so she can steal some for her blog. So here you go mom. Enjoy.

This picture is so funny to me! It's total chaos.

Just a little worn out...

Ya...51 is pretty important... or he's in trouble.

This is just one I drew.... jk. Ya right. It's kinda weird but proves how awesome photoshop is. Check out who is leading the pack.

Keaton asked the babe on the left, Hunter, to Mountain View's homecoming dance, so she and her friends answered him while he was on the sidelines.
He doesn't look too upset about losing...