Wednesday, August 28, 2013

February {Mexican Birthday}

In February, we were lucky enough to go with my family to Rocky Point. It was mine and Karl's first time! And it was so much fun! 

This was the view of the sunrise from our condo.

Ready for some sun!

Rowe, Keaton, Kaelin, and Mat... making everyone feel uncomfortable and judge white people.

Rowe loved the sand and my mom felt "like a queen!"

I fulfilled my dream and got a massage on the beach. Heaven!

We got to be treated to dinner by the owner of a restaurant and per request Mat performed a song!

Karl enjoying some horchata and Rowe not so much enjoying some rice and beans.

Later that month, I celebrated my 24th birthday! My mom took me out to lunch and then Karl planned a surprise night bowling with my family. Fun had by all!

 My man... STRIKE

 Proof Karl and my dad wish I wasn't always standing between them. What's going on here...

 We finished the night off with some root beer floats. One year older and fatter. 


I'm always ready for Christmas by this time of year, so I guess it is fitting that I am just now blogging about last year's Christmas (embarrassing...). From what I remember, it was magical. As per tradition, we began the festivities on Christmas Eve over at Grandpa Vince and Grandma Carol's house. It was so fun to have a little kid all excited! I may have been more excited about Rowe being excited than Rowe was actually even excited. But it's safe it say- exciting. His great grandparents gave him lots of (loud) fun toys. 

Hangin with Uncle G

After dinner and gifts at the grandparent's, we headed back over to my parents for a few more gifts, a white elephant gift exchange, and GAMES! Kaelin and I planned some hilarious minute-to-win-it games that were sure to make us all look like idiots. It was fun had by all. Unfortunately my camera was on the fritz so I didn't get precious video.

 Jake and Keaton trying to get the rudolf nose stuck to their vaseline covered noses. 

 Garrison and Grandpa Vince trying to knock over water bottles using an orange inside pantyhose. 

 Mom and Mat trying to shake marshmallows out of their but baskets! 

THIS game was the funniest. We were all crying from laughing so hard. Karl and my dad had a banana tied to them and had to use it to roll an orange into the bucket. 

We ended up staying pretty late... and Rowe was starting to get a little slap happy!

Christmas morning with our little family at the Carmel house. 

Karl got Rowe a little truck and I got him a book. And of course Roscoe got a new chew toy.

 I made Karl this quilt out of all his old band t shirts he refused to throw away. 

Here is a video of our morning as a little family.

Then it was off to the Reed's for breakfast, gifts, and fun family time. 

 Cousin Lovin.

Aunt Sarah!

 A late night on Christmas Eve, mixed with an early morning had Rowe falling asleep sitting up on Karl's lap. Which is SO out of character. It is impossible for this kid to fall asleep unless he is tucked away in bed. 

I am always so sad when Christmas is over. We love spending so much extra time with family. I always miss the music, the lights, the smells, and the joyful spirit. Luckily, I will get to experience it all again in a few more months!

*Bonus crappy phone pictures and our family Christmas card

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