Tuesday, October 9, 2012

The Fifth.

Here is what our little 5 month old has been up to according to my crappy phone pictures. 

He has gotten better at holding his own bottle. 

He loves stollin in the stoller.

He loves other babies! His little friend Breklyn...

And Mr. Elliott. 

He loves to stand! If he has something to hold on to he can stand up on his own. 

Even though he can't sit up on his own, he can sure hold on tight and make it work. 

 He loves Roscoe, and Roscoe is dying for him to be able to play. 

He usually has both fists in his mouth... or whatever he can get his hands on....

But every once in a while I'll catch him sucking just his thumb and it's so sweet. 

This little man is already wearing 12mo clothes. He's so tall and growing so fast!

He is still working on actually laughing, but he is always all smiles. 

He is rolling from tummy to back and from back to tummy. I have also heard him say "ma ma" a couple times... but I'm not calling it official yet. And he is very close to crawling! So exciting! 

San Francisco 2012

To celebrate the return of Keaton, we decided to take a trip to San Francisco as a family because my dad was working there. Well, a couple days before we flew out, my dad got sent to Oregon... so we missed him on the trip, but it was lots of fun. 

The first day we went to tour Alcatraz- very cool. 
*He's single ladies.

Mom and all her boys.

LOVE this shot Karl got of Alcatraz and the Golden Gate Bridge from our ferry 

During the tour we got our own mp3 players and got to listen to a narrated/guided tour from actual old prison guards. It made the tour a lot more interesting and meaningful. 

We had a cozy hotel room with a nice view! So green and perfect weather. 

It was so fun to be in the cold weather and get Rowe all bundled up. 

The next day we went to Muir Woods and Muir Beach. 

Rowe touching a 1000 year old tree

Just like his dad.

Karl sticking Rowe's toes in the ocean for the first time.

Uncle Jake showing Rowe a lot of love... a lot.

The 3rd day we took a drive to Yosemite. 

A nice view of Karl trying to climb the boulder. 

Boys are so weird. You would never have a group of girls see a giant rock and simultaneously start climbing it. 

A race across the creek. 

As we were driving I saw a bear!! The boys whole goal of the trip was to see one so when I pointed it out they practically jumped out of the moving van to run back to it. The poor little guy had a hurt leg so we were able to get pretty close to it! But this is the most clear picture. 

The 2 best faces. Look at those chins. 

Awesome views....

So silly and so sweet. 

This HUUUGE tree was named big foot. It was more than 1000 years old. 

The last day was spent exploring the city. The boys started off the morning with a little frolf while the girls took Rowe downtown for some shopping. 

Then we all met up again in China Town

Karl tasting sushi... he wasn't impressed. 

The foggy view of the bridge!

It was a great trip!