Wednesday, July 20, 2011

It's A Bloomin' Miracle!

This was when we first looked into buying our home. After we did buy it, it wasn't long before those nice bushes were towering over our home. We wanted to trim them down, but it was cold and we didn't want them to die... and they had such nice yellow flowers growing on them!

So many in fact, that Karl picked some and ever so sweetly placed them in a plastic cup on the counter for me to see when I came home from work one day. (aww) Soon, the yellow flowers were slowly going away. We decided it would be ok to trim the bushes and maybe be able to see out our windows again. That was until this morning of course!

I can assure you that our bushes did not look like this yesterday! Not even last night. In a matter of hours, our bushes have bloomed into something I think is quite amazing. When I backed out of the garage this morning to this glorious site, I could not stop staring. Maybe I'm a little too easily impressed, but I'm loving it! If anyone has any kids they want pictures of, send them over and we will have them pose in front of our bushes!

Monday, July 18, 2011

Ella Mae is 86!

This is my great grandma, Ella Mae McKinnon. Today she turned 86 years old! She is one of the most amazing people and especially grandmas. She has 3 sons, 20 grandchildren (not including spouses) and over 50 great grandchildren! (I think I counted right...) Yowzah!
She is still very beautiful and full of life! Here she is playing checkers with some of the great grandsons as we celebrated her birthday tonight with pizza and root beer floats. Cheers to Ella Mae!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

We're All In This Together... Forever.

This is my silly, little brother, Keaton. He is currently serving his mission in Idaho! In fact, he has now been out for 11 months and hits his half way mark next month!! Hallelujah! This silly brother is turning 20 years old next week. As we were preparing to get his birthday package together, we decided that we should do something silly for him! Thus, our personal High School Musical music video was born. I realize that this will not be nearly as funny as it is the to people who are actually in the video... but I felt it needed to be documented. 

I love my family. I can't wait until Keaton is among us again!!

Monday, July 11, 2011

My Thoughts...

Sometimes when it is late at night, I get deep into thought. It's your typical midnight epiphanies... life aspirations... new resolutions... wishing you hadn't had seconds at dinner. Typical. Well somehow... tonight I began thinking to myself, "What would happen if you were walking on very tall stilts and you fell!?" You can't really catch yourself. You can stick your arms out with hopes they don't snap in half. It's just a 3 second fall flat on your face. Plenty of time to let you think- Why did I do this?
 I'm never going to walk in tall stilts. I'm glad I thought about this.

(Nor will I try to jump rope while wearing them.)