Friday, February 24, 2012

Puppy Love.

Mat and Kaelin got a dog! Her name is Gracie. And we love her. More specifically, Roscoe loves her. Roscoe has had girl friends in the past, but I think this one is different. He likes her. I mean he 'likes likes' her. I think it's her long legs. The other night we took them on a doggy date to a nearby park. Roscoe was her shadow all night long. 

(Roscoe is also now doing advertisements.)

It's so fun having Mat and Kaelin live so close, and now it's even more fun that Roscoe has a friend to keep him entertained. Otherwise... this is how he entertains himself. 

He chases his tail all the time, but he will with out fail chase it for like a half hour straight after I give him a bath. Way to air dry little pup.

Sunday, February 19, 2012


I bought this misunderstood little piece of furniture like a year ago. I had the best intentions to refinish her and give her a new life. Now besides spray painting THIS shelf black, I did not have much experience with this business. That is probably why it sat around looking sad for the past year. Well, since I will be a mother needing a fully functional nursery in a mere 10 weeks, I decided it was time to put this gem to good use. I knew it would make the perfect little table to put a lamp on and place next to my glider for all the late feedings and wonderful story reading that will happen. I was very nervous... but I'm completely thrilled (and super proud)with how it turned out! Even Karl likes it. Bonus!

After paint.
After glaze.

And might I add, it was fun! It gave me something to do as a widow when Karl was camping with the scouts all weekend. I'm ready for another project.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

And He Gets Stronger

I don't know if he's dancing or kick boxing in there... but sometimes he hits things he shouldn't... like my bladder. Or my ribs. I'm giving him 10 more weeks to defeat me.


In honor of Valentines Day, I thought I could talk about just a couple of things I am loving on lately.

I love my latest creation for Baby Boy's nursery. I find myself just staring into the room as I walk by. I can't wait until there is an actual babe in there.
I love movie previews. I seriously get upset if we are going to be late to a movie and miss the previews. In fact, for Valentines Day, I drove separate and met Karl at the theaters to go see The Vow since it was an earlier showing and he would be rushing straight from work. I felt a little lame asking for ONE ticket to go see a super romantic movie on V Day... but I was quite pleased as I got a prime seat and was able to see all the previews.
Of course, I love Mr. Reed. More specifically, I love to watch him wash the windshield. When Karl and I were dating, he would always clean the windshield when we stopped for gas. I don't just like it because it's ideal for checking him out as his large biceps have such control over that squeegee across the glass. Karl turns it into a whole show. He purposefully stares at me with his fierce sexy eyes through the glass (which are dangerously close to his creeper eyes) and wisps the squeegee around like he is a king. And it makes me laugh. Hard. Always has. I love that he still does it. Even though we are old and married now.
I hope everyone had a lovely love day.

Monday, February 13, 2012

We Went Northern.

This weekend, Karl and I got invited to go stay at an amazing 7 bedroom cabin up in Heber with a bunch of friends. Since I have complete placenta brain... every time we did something (including zip lining, chopping wood, making smores, playing games, going out to eat...) I forgot my camera. I am shame faced. But let it be known, we all had a great time! And we did manage to snag a few pics from Karl's phone. Now guys, Karl had it in his mind that he was going to go kayaking while we were there. Yes, in water. We drove everywhere trying to find a lake that was either open or not frozen over. No such luck.

About 10 seconds before we got stuck, we both said- "I'm really surprised they kept this road open." Woops.

The one lake we actually got to was completely frozen over. And so was I.

Walking on a frozen lake? Check.
So we headed home and Karl's little heart was so disappointed. So much so that he found a random river on an Indian reservation when we got back into town and decided he was going to make it happen. I sat in the truck and watched him live out his dream. I also cried from laughing so hard. After about 10 minutes he had had his fill and his life was complete.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Oh Keaton...

Today I am missing my little brother. My funny little brother. All it takes is a little root beer to get us going. I haven't seen that little face in nearly 18 months... Two years is just such a long time. I'll blame it on my overly emotional pregnant body... but I got a little teary eyed looking at this retarded picture today. Our family needs him back. I'm going to need this last little home stretch to go by much faster.

Keep on keepin on little Shake.