Monday, February 13, 2012

We Went Northern.

This weekend, Karl and I got invited to go stay at an amazing 7 bedroom cabin up in Heber with a bunch of friends. Since I have complete placenta brain... every time we did something (including zip lining, chopping wood, making smores, playing games, going out to eat...) I forgot my camera. I am shame faced. But let it be known, we all had a great time! And we did manage to snag a few pics from Karl's phone. Now guys, Karl had it in his mind that he was going to go kayaking while we were there. Yes, in water. We drove everywhere trying to find a lake that was either open or not frozen over. No such luck.

About 10 seconds before we got stuck, we both said- "I'm really surprised they kept this road open." Woops.

The one lake we actually got to was completely frozen over. And so was I.

Walking on a frozen lake? Check.
So we headed home and Karl's little heart was so disappointed. So much so that he found a random river on an Indian reservation when we got back into town and decided he was going to make it happen. I sat in the truck and watched him live out his dream. I also cried from laughing so hard. After about 10 minutes he had had his fill and his life was complete.

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Karen said...

You placed my grandson on top of a frozen lake???