Thursday, February 16, 2012


In honor of Valentines Day, I thought I could talk about just a couple of things I am loving on lately.

I love my latest creation for Baby Boy's nursery. I find myself just staring into the room as I walk by. I can't wait until there is an actual babe in there.
I love movie previews. I seriously get upset if we are going to be late to a movie and miss the previews. In fact, for Valentines Day, I drove separate and met Karl at the theaters to go see The Vow since it was an earlier showing and he would be rushing straight from work. I felt a little lame asking for ONE ticket to go see a super romantic movie on V Day... but I was quite pleased as I got a prime seat and was able to see all the previews.
Of course, I love Mr. Reed. More specifically, I love to watch him wash the windshield. When Karl and I were dating, he would always clean the windshield when we stopped for gas. I don't just like it because it's ideal for checking him out as his large biceps have such control over that squeegee across the glass. Karl turns it into a whole show. He purposefully stares at me with his fierce sexy eyes through the glass (which are dangerously close to his creeper eyes) and wisps the squeegee around like he is a king. And it makes me laugh. Hard. Always has. I love that he still does it. Even though we are old and married now.
I hope everyone had a lovely love day.


chelsea :: stock said...

I LOVE previews! sometimes, when we are watching a movie at home, we watch apple/trailers before hand to really get the whole experience.

I love the felt circle banner. Supah cute.

Karen said...

Hey if you need a babe in the nursery, I can swing by!