Monday, August 29, 2011

SNL: Typhoon Karen!

At least my mom is the one with the horrible frozen face this time. hahaha

Sunday, August 21, 2011


I love the way this video is frozen on the nastiest face before you push play. And when I say love....

Tuesday, August 9, 2011


Late Friday night, Karl and I decided to join my family on a quick trip to California before school started! We left early the next morning and had so much fun!

We had to leave Roscoe behind... but we did see this sweet street sign!
The trip was spent, swimming, relaxing, and eating! This picture cracks me up.

(I apologize that my grandpa looks so indecent. I promise he is clothed.)

The first night, the little boys were at 6 Flags so the adults went to dinner at Red Lobster. It was mine and Karl's first time there so we figured we should go in Cali. (We ordered the chicken...)

My mom drank her virgin pina colada a little too fast and started saying things like "I'm the ball of the party!" We never quite figured out what she was really trying to say. 
Some lobby lovin

While my mom, Jake, and I had fun at the hotel, everyone else went deep sea fishing! I love this picture of my dad and grandpa. Props to Grandma Carol for taking it!

More food!
This picture confirmed my fear of the ocean. Sick.

Karl and I had to leave a day early, but before we headed back to AZ, we stopped at Crystal Pier. Ah... Crystal Pier.
That little boy in the background told me I better move or he was going to run me over! Rude.

Karl kept catching sand crabs and throwing them at me.
Aw cute. Who put that there?

Garrison, despite having a broken wrist in a full cast, was still able to find a way to enjoy the water.
For the last day, my family went to Catalina Island and did lots of fun things like scuba diving!

Isn't my mom so foxy?

And in case you haven't had enough, as promised, here is our weekend vlog from afar!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Remember that one storm....

The mother and I have started a new tradition. For the past month, we have made a video every Sunday night. My mom claims it's "her dream job". We think we are pretty funny. And I'm not offended if you don't agree.

(I didn't notice my brother was shaking the camera as if to say "no" when we were talking about being models until like the 10th time watching it. We are now looking for a new camera man.)