Saturday, May 26, 2012

One Month

We named him Rowe Taylor Reed. Today he is one month old. It was one month ago that Karl and I were awaiting the call from the hospital. I had been scheduled to be induced late the night of the 25th. They were too full that night and we were instructed to wait for their call. It was a long night filled with anticipation, but bright and early the morning of the 26th, the call came and we were on our way to the hospital!

(40 Weeks!)

It was a beautiful, overcast day. Outside the hospital window we could see the clouds and even the rain for a while. It was the perfect day to have a baby. Dr. Huish broke my water around 9am. After a couple hours of contractions, I was ready for my best friend, the epidural. I can't believe those things exist. It was glorious. And apparently it made me a little too relaxed because my oxygen level dropped and so did Rowe's heartbeat. It was a pretty scary minute. All I remember is nurses rushing in and getting me into a different position trying to find the baby's heartbeat. I was given an oxygen mask and they had to switch to an internal monitor to help keep better track of Rowe. After that... I fell asleep. Karl was there holding my hand and rubbing my back when I needed him and my mom was in and out on stand by the entire day. After about 12 hours, he was here.

7lbs 4oz and 21 inches long. 

All the nurses oh-ed and aw-ed at how long and skiny he was. The first thing everyone would say is "Look at those long fingers!" And then "Look at those feet!" The nurses also couldn't get over how alert he was. For the first hour he was just wide eyed and curious.  

My favorite part was taking him home from the hospital. Getting to be in our home with this sweet little boy made it feel so official. We were a family. Karl and I were parents. I was a mother. I anxiously awaited that moment for 9 months... (and more like 23 years). This is my life's calling. I absolutely love being a mom. And with every sleepless night and wardrobe change from being peed, pooped, and puked on... I love it even more.  

There is nothing sweeter than his big, blue eyes and sweet, little smile. (Except for maybe seeing my wonderful husband hold him while he smiles!)

I love snuggling him. I never want that new baby smell to go away! I love his many, many expressions.

He loves to be warm and cozy and he loooves bathtime. 

Roscoe loves him. Roscoe wakes up with me for every feeding and lays by my feet. As soon as Rowe starts crying at night, Roscoe goes right into the nursery and lays by his crib. 

At one month, Rowe-bot weighs 8lbs and measures 22in long. And we love every bit of him!