Friday, December 23, 2011

The Good Life

Well... I graduated with my B.A. in Elementary Education. I know it's like a super big accomplishment... but right about now- I feel like big whoop. I know my mom will slap me in the face for saying that. I know it's a big deal and a great accomplishment. I just don't feel any different. I have had a great schooling/college experience. I feel like school has always come really easy for me. I'm not being boastful. I count that as a real blessing. I know school is very hard for some people. But I was able to obtain good grades to graduate in the top 10% of my class as well as graduate from college debt free. My aunt Kristi was very big on education. When she passed away, she left her money for all her nieces and nephews to obtain a 4 year degree. I am the first person to graduate and be so greatly blessed by her gift.

SO. Now what? Well. I'm not planning on teaching due to the fact that there is a baby rapidly growing inside of me, and very soon my main job will be as a mother. It didn't take me very long to realize that sitting around for the next few months would be boring and depressing. So I've applied for various part time tutoring jobs. We will see where that goes. I am also doing photography still. Besides that, I have been home. A lot. My main focus is to not eat my feelings and become obese. (Which I tend to lean towards when I'm bored.) So I decided I needed to get into an exercising routine. That's when I stumbled upon this beauty for only $4! Can you believe it!

A workout DVD for pregnant women! Holler. How perfect. I don't have to go outside where it's cold or drive to the gym. I'll just get buff and bodacious with my baby bump right on my family room floor! So far I have been really sore from it!... And keep in mind I've only done the warm up stretching part! haha Every time I do it this movie scene pops in my head.

Hahah oh man. Get's me every time!

Monday, December 12, 2011

IT'S A BOY!!!!!

A boy. We are having a boy! It is so nice to be able to say that. I much prefer saying 'him' than it. Knowing the gender makes it seem so much more... real. I can start thinking of how I want to decorate, I can look at specific clothes, I can think more seriously about names. A little boy. (*sigh)
The day we found out was an exciting one for sure. My ultrasound was scheduled for 3:30 in the afternoon. Karl had to go all day at work, and I had to go a full day of teaching anticipating it! When the time finally came, we were excited out of our minds. Instead of just finding out during the ultrasound, we wanted to things a little differently.
I didn't like the idea of finding out what our baby was going to be in a dark room with some stranger while Karl sat on one side of the room and I laid uncomfortably (about to pee my pants due to an extra full bladder). I wanted it to be more special than that. More fun. SO I was so excited to hear this great idea that could give me the greater moment I was hoping for. (Thanks Kaelin!)
Instead of having the ultrasound tech tell us what the baby was, we had her write it on a piece of paper. We then took that piece of paper with us to target. We picked out a boy outfit and a girl outfit.

Then, we took both little outfits to the cash register. We explained our situation to the cashier and so kindly asked her to look at the piece of paper, ring up the appropriate outfit and place it in our prepared gift bag. I'll admit she looked at us funny, and we probably did look pretty stupid turned around as she fulfilled our secret request. When we were all ready to go, we took the gift bag with our baby-to-be's first outfit out to the parking lot. We had plans to go to a park or out to dinner so we could open our gift. We barely made it to the car... haha As soon as we reached our car, we ripped open the gift and discovered the sweetest little plaid BOY shirt. I squealed and cried as Karl picked me up and hugged me in the parking lot. I just knew I was going to get a little boy first. Knowing for sure that a little son was coming filled me with such joy that I could not contain myself. As we drove home, even Karl got tears in his eyes. We could not be happier. I called my mom as soon as we got home and I had to take the phone away from my ear as she screamed and informed the whole house (and neighborhood) it was a boy! I think we are all pretty happy.

Here is his cute little alien face.

I am now 5 months along!! (20 weeks and 3 days to be precise.) An update: I've gained 2 pounds. Hard to believe there is a cantaloupe in there!

He is a very active little guy. During the ultrasound, the tech kept having to re-record the heartbeat because he would be moving so much that she couldn't keep track of it! I love feeling him move. The other night, Karl even got to feel him. (*Another sigh)

Friday, November 25, 2011

Come One, Come All!

I will be there selling some of my digital prints!

Sunday, November 20, 2011


Allow us to update you on all the latest and most important current events...

I would have to say the greatest current event is that here as I blog, I am beginning to FEEL THE BABY MOVE for the first time!!! hehehe This is nuts.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

"You're Starting to SHOW!"

I am now 4 months along (16 weeks and 2 days if you speak pregnancy). According to my most recent check up.... zero pounds gained.... But "You're starting to show!" is something I've been hearing a lot of lately. Sometimes.... I get excited and agree. Other times... I'm like 'scuse me- what did you say? I still have mixed feelings about it. I think a lot of the time it depends on what I am wearing... and how much I have eaten that day. Mostly people just see a food baby I think. Which speaking of! Our baby is now the size of an avocado. I love me some avocado. But pardon my French... isn't an orange bigger than an avocado? Is our baby shrinking?? Maybe Fry's just sells the skimpy ones. Anyways... I thought I just needed to start documenting this pregnancy's progress a little better. The little one has got a good, strong heart beat. I haven't felt any movement yet, but the doctor says baby cakes is very active. We find out the gender of our first born November 30th! I can't wait. I have been so sure that it is a boy... but just recently I have begun to think... What if it's a girl!? We will just have to wait and see!

As for my deprived SNL fans. I really do apologize. We had every intention of recording a show tonight but... Grandma got ran over by a reindeer. Just kidding. A car. Not run over by a car. Just in a car crash. And I only joke because she is fine. And I love her. But as you could imagine... we were slightly occupied tonight. Hang in there for one more week!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Happy Halloween!

For the first half of Halloween, I was a scarecrow along with all the other first grade teachers. My mentor teacher is the one in the glasses. She's #1! It was such a fun day. The kids looked awesome in their costumes, and the school even did a little parade. It was so fun.

After school, I transformed myself into a horrible, disgusting Nazi zombie. For those of you who don't know, there is this game... It's known as Zombies. I am not sure of the real name. I think it's connected to Call of Duty? Not important. What IS important is to know what a big deal this game is to my family. More specifically, the males of the family. Every one of the boys (including and maybe even mostly my father) plays this game. The females of the family all think it's a big joke and semi despise the game. In the game, soldiers (like my brave husband) try and fight Nazi zombies as well as zombie dogs who happen to be on fire. SO. I thought it would be funny if I dressed as a Nazi zombie and Karl wore his X Box headset/controller all night. And since the game includes fiery zombie dogs, we thought we would let Roscoe join in on the fun. Rest assured we aren't usually the 'dress up your dog' type.

Like Roscoe's flames? He may not look like he's having any fun, but he was super excited to be part of it. I'm serious.
My brother Mat dressed up as Elliot from E.T. with E.T. himself and Kaelin was the black swan. I was very impressed.

It was a very fun night. We got to spend time with family, eat candy, homemade chili, candy! But I must say... thank goodness it's over. Next stop... Christmas Town. (You may be thinking to yourself, "But Kacey. Thanksgiving comes before Christmas?" Well. Not in this house. They shall be combined!!)

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Say What Now?

When Karl and I first decided we wanted to have a baby, I was beyond baby hungry. So much in fact that it seemed like everywhere I went I was taunted by women and their large pregnant bellies. I so badly wanted that to be me.
I am now 14 weeks (That's just over 3 months people... I always hated when people would answer me in weeks and not months when I asked how far along they were. But now I know every week counts! You can't say 3 months if you're 3 months and 1 week... please). I am just barely starting to show... and that's mostly when my stomach is also filled with food. Here at 14 weeks, I am still surrounded by pregnant women and their large pregnant bellies. Except now, their bellies seem extra large. Like- you've gotta be kidding- large. As in- no way my belly is going to be able to stretch that big- large! What I used to envy, I am now a little freaked out over. In fact, I was googling images of pregnant bellies to add to this post but I had to stop because it was really bothering me! So sorry... this is a picture-free post.
I like the idea of starting to show because it means I am really pregnant. I will really get to have a sweet little baby. However.... You've gotta be kidding me. I'm so nervous. I'm nervous that I'll never get my body back. Now I'm not saying that I have some super model body, but I like how capable my body is. I am strong and healthy and comfortable in this body. I think staying strong and healthy is important... but I guess comfort is something I will have to give up. At least for a little while.
I can't wait to have a baby and be a mother. But I think I can wait a little longer before I stretch so big it looks like I'm about to burst. Yikes. Here's to the second trimester.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

A Big Weekend

I'll have you know the Vodka Pasta was a hit! I also made homemade ice cream and brownies for dessert. Call me butter because I'm on a roll!

PS... I'd like to point out that our baby is now the size of a peach. I've never even tasted a peach... But I've got a whole one inside of me! Sounds pretty good.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

OOooooOOOoooo (spooky)

Warning: The following video contains scary stories that may not be suitable for wimps.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Have Yourself A Merry Little October?

My triumphant old lady costume

*Here is proof that I am trying! My simple home decorations....

Friday, October 7, 2011

Oh Fall...

Karl and I had always planned to wait until I had graduated to start having kids. It was really important to both of us that I got my degree. Knowing my family history, I knew pregnancy during school would not be simple. My mother was attached to an IV for 9 months and most of my aunts puked their guts out. I knew I would be no exception. The summer before my FINAL semester of school... Karl and I decided our plan was wrong. We knew it was time to start our family. By the end of that summer, we were expecting our first little one. When talking to my mom about how "we just knew this was the right time", I was laughed at. She remembered what was coming. Only a couple weeks into my last semester of school, student teaching full time, I was forced to remember. Oh ya. Morning sickness. No wait. All day-I'm sure this is how I die-sickness. I would give my mentor teacher a look of panic, run to the bathroom, throw up, then come back and continue teaching. After weeks of this, a desperate trip to Urgent Care was needed. I was put on an IV and given magical pills. Yes. Magical. Since now, a month later, I have yet to throw up. Cha-ching! Although I am still not myself, (don't you dare mention certain foods around me) I would consider myself 100x better.

Now that my nausea is under control, I think the hardest part has been not feeling like a slacker. You see, with a new thing making me gag each day, it has been impossible for me to cook meals or even do ordinary chores around the house. As soon as I get home, all I want to do is sleep. I realize this is 'normal'. But I don't like it. Nor does my filthy home.

Today I managed to do the dishes for the week. Hold your applause. I must say this weather has been slightly motivating to me. I love being able to leave my doors open and feel the cool air and listen to the sounds of our neighborhood. I would be lying if I said I haven't had Christmas music on non-stop too.

So I think I am learning about doing whatever works for right now. I am taking things one day at a time. I have now made it to October break and will have a week to relax! I'm well on my way to obtaining my degree and motherhood. Can I get a what-what!

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Monday, August 29, 2011

SNL: Typhoon Karen!

At least my mom is the one with the horrible frozen face this time. hahaha

Sunday, August 21, 2011


I love the way this video is frozen on the nastiest face before you push play. And when I say love....

Tuesday, August 9, 2011


Late Friday night, Karl and I decided to join my family on a quick trip to California before school started! We left early the next morning and had so much fun!

We had to leave Roscoe behind... but we did see this sweet street sign!
The trip was spent, swimming, relaxing, and eating! This picture cracks me up.

(I apologize that my grandpa looks so indecent. I promise he is clothed.)

The first night, the little boys were at 6 Flags so the adults went to dinner at Red Lobster. It was mine and Karl's first time there so we figured we should go in Cali. (We ordered the chicken...)

My mom drank her virgin pina colada a little too fast and started saying things like "I'm the ball of the party!" We never quite figured out what she was really trying to say. 
Some lobby lovin

While my mom, Jake, and I had fun at the hotel, everyone else went deep sea fishing! I love this picture of my dad and grandpa. Props to Grandma Carol for taking it!

More food!
This picture confirmed my fear of the ocean. Sick.

Karl and I had to leave a day early, but before we headed back to AZ, we stopped at Crystal Pier. Ah... Crystal Pier.
That little boy in the background told me I better move or he was going to run me over! Rude.

Karl kept catching sand crabs and throwing them at me.
Aw cute. Who put that there?

Garrison, despite having a broken wrist in a full cast, was still able to find a way to enjoy the water.
For the last day, my family went to Catalina Island and did lots of fun things like scuba diving!

Isn't my mom so foxy?

And in case you haven't had enough, as promised, here is our weekend vlog from afar!