Sunday, October 23, 2011

A Big Weekend

I'll have you know the Vodka Pasta was a hit! I also made homemade ice cream and brownies for dessert. Call me butter because I'm on a roll!

PS... I'd like to point out that our baby is now the size of a peach. I've never even tasted a peach... But I've got a whole one inside of me! Sounds pretty good.


Matt and Telicia Webb said...

YAY Texas!! haha hope it was a good weekend for you here in Texas! I would have to say my weekend was great here in Texas, we had a Halloween party and won the best couples/family costume contest!! So it was great! Cant wait for next Sunday!! :) PS. Kacey are you starting to show at all, I am just so excited for you guys!!

Morgan Borgia said...

How have you not eaten a peach? Next year when i make my peach dessert with juicy utah peaches you must eat a smidge. yes. This weekend we went on a family date (Paxton came along). We planned on dinner and a movie but during dinner Paxton decided to blow out his diaper while in his carseat. We made a stop by the house to give the little guy a bath and clean his surprise out of the carseat (which by the way leaked out onto our couch which also got a good scrub). It ended up being a great night tho. very memorable. PS. go see Real Steel if you haven't :)