Saturday, October 29, 2011

Say What Now?

When Karl and I first decided we wanted to have a baby, I was beyond baby hungry. So much in fact that it seemed like everywhere I went I was taunted by women and their large pregnant bellies. I so badly wanted that to be me.
I am now 14 weeks (That's just over 3 months people... I always hated when people would answer me in weeks and not months when I asked how far along they were. But now I know every week counts! You can't say 3 months if you're 3 months and 1 week... please). I am just barely starting to show... and that's mostly when my stomach is also filled with food. Here at 14 weeks, I am still surrounded by pregnant women and their large pregnant bellies. Except now, their bellies seem extra large. Like- you've gotta be kidding- large. As in- no way my belly is going to be able to stretch that big- large! What I used to envy, I am now a little freaked out over. In fact, I was googling images of pregnant bellies to add to this post but I had to stop because it was really bothering me! So sorry... this is a picture-free post.
I like the idea of starting to show because it means I am really pregnant. I will really get to have a sweet little baby. However.... You've gotta be kidding me. I'm so nervous. I'm nervous that I'll never get my body back. Now I'm not saying that I have some super model body, but I like how capable my body is. I am strong and healthy and comfortable in this body. I think staying strong and healthy is important... but I guess comfort is something I will have to give up. At least for a little while.
I can't wait to have a baby and be a mother. But I think I can wait a little longer before I stretch so big it looks like I'm about to burst. Yikes. Here's to the second trimester.


Lindsee said...

a) be glad your not having twins;) when you get "huge", take a stroll through my blog history and you will feel tiny again.

b) your body won't be the same after, but it will amaze you how much your body will return. It takes a while. And even if you aren't where you were hoping to be, the difference is a sacrifice you made for such a greater purpose. Kids are so worth it all!! You know that.

c) so happy for you guys!! You will be the cutest mommy!!

Karen said...

Lindsee is right about all of it. I also like having the excuse of why my body isn't perfect (as far as Vogue Magazine defines it). I love being able to say (with attitude) ... this body had five kids! It's super miraculous that we would offer up our tight selves for such a cause, and even more so that we can't wait to do so.

This is so exciting!

Tina McKinnon said...

Ur momma said it right: This is so exciting!! I love new babies!

Amy Legler said...

You are going to be so cute pregnant - yes, you will get big - remember me?? I looked like I was having triplets (got asked a few times if I was having twins too). So happy for you! And yes, things will go back to normal, for the most part. I have the same attitude your mom does - my body isn't perfect, and that's because I've had 2 kids. Just be patient. You are going to be an AWESOME mom!