Friday, January 30, 2009

Tree Hugger

I have been totally slacking on taking pictures. After the holidays... I haven't had many paying opportunities... I forgot I can just take pictures for fun. I've just been lacking inspiration and ideas. Well I looked outside today and saw our awesome tree in the front yard with swings and a tree house along with a bored little brother. What more did I need? Here's some of my favs.
Thanks to little Red for helping me!

Thursday, January 29, 2009

My name is Kacey..... and I have a problem.

I have what some people would call a fetish...others an addiction. I LOVE jackets. No matter what time of year it is, I'll buy a jacket. In fact, I normally buy more during the summer than the winter since they are always on sale! I have bought so many jackets over the years that I have had to take over one of the hallway closets just to store them. So what happens when closet #2 gets too full for my latest purchase? Now why do I feel the need to purchase so many jackets in order to prepare myself for a season that only lasts for a couple months out of the year? I have no idea. BUT, after recently becoming a member of GWBTMJA (Girls Who Buy Too Many Jackets Anonymous), I have began the long journey of overcoming my addiction.
Step #1- Admitting I have a problem.
Step #2- It's time to let go of the past and start cleaning out my closet... literally.

Here is a before and after. I guess the picture doesn't do much justice... because I got rid of 18 of my 33 jackets!... I told you I have a problem...

I felt like a new woman after I sorted through all of that. haha And it even gave me space in my 2nd closet for all my skirts/dresses! So why stop there? Closet #1 has been pretty neglected lately as well....
Before and After

(Oh ignore the Raja Bell poster on the door... traitor.)

In the end... I was left with a giant pile of give-away clothes (which made some aunts/cousins pretty happy...) and a lot of empty hangers. Hopefully they'll stay empty for a while.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

My College Life So Far....

This will be my last semester at MCC! As you can see... ^ ... It's been a very enlightening past year and a half... (I'll be selling more than half those books back tomorrow... haha) I'm kinda sad though. I'll miss MCC... and I'm a tad freaked out about going to ASU. But I think this is going to be the best semester.
MWF 7:30 to 8:20 am I have Bio 109 - Natural History of the SW. We will be studying plants and animals... doesn't sound super exciting right? BUT. We will be going on field trips and camping! Need I say more? My teacher is this tiny lady that is the biggest nerd but you can tell she's proud of it. She is super excited about everything, and I think that's what I need that early or I would fall asleep... like last semester.
MWF 8:30-9:20 am I have the lab for my Biology class. The room is filled snakes and spiders. Which is no big deal because it's not like my 2 biggest fears are snakes and spiders... oh. Wait. Yes they are!
MWF 10-10:50 am I have EDU 230- Cultural Diversity in Education. I've already had this teacher for another class, so I've got his system down. I only have to do 20 hours of service learning in an elm. classroom this time. I think that will be the best part though.
TR 9-10:15 am I have MAT157- Mathematics for Elementary Teachers. My teacher is named Mrs. Appel. Like Apple. As in bring an apple for your teacher. ha. She's super nice. And so is everyone in the class. Particulaly this old guy that sits in front of me who prefers to wear tank tops with the large swoop for the arm hole. Allowing me to see everything from his hairy back to his hairy stomach. He likes to make himself comfortable and lean back on my desk as well... What a distraction. haha And I definitely need to focus in this class. It's all review and teaching me how to actually teach the math concepts I'm reviewing... but I'd be lieing if I said I didn't ask my 7th grader brother for help on my hw today... haha
And I'm also taking CSF 205- Child development Online. I really am so excited to be back in school. I've met a lot of nice people and it's nice to be busy and prodcutive again. The days are already going by so much faster! Of course I'll let you know how I feel again in April....

Monday, January 19, 2009

2 Fe + ZnSO- ---> What?

I have THE greatest news. Last semester, I made the mistake of taking Chemistry. I aced it in high school, but that was not the case this time. I spent hours staying up late trying to understand homework and even more hours in the tutoring center. Only to maintain a low C throughout the entire semester. I don't get C's! I never have! Even getting a B was considered sucky. But at this point I was happy to even pass!

(my teacher... jk. But almost?)
After going crazy studying for the cumulative final, I decided to just let it go and be glad it was over. WELL. I checked my grades from last semester tonight, and I got a freakin A!! I know what you're thinking. What the? That's what I was thinking too. But that's what it says! And now tomorrow.... I start Biology. Wish me luck.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Roll with it

So I came home from work yesterday, and my grandpa was at our house making his famous soup! My mom was going to make homemade rolls to go with it, but since I'm so adventurous, I told her I wanted to try and make them! And so I did....under her careful eye... haha But they turned out great! So here's another recipe.

I only like this picture because you can tell exactly what my grandpa is thinking....

...."Wow....Kacey is so great. She is my favorite granddaughter. She rocks at using a rolling pin."

ta duh!

Monday, January 12, 2009

Tastes Like Chicken

So.... you know how I have a missionary.... and no life... Well I'm always looking for new projects to keep me busy. One of my projects/goals for the next 2 years... I mean 19 months... is to learn to cook more meals (because I pretty much have french toast and spaghetti mastered). So I've been cooking for my family more often, and now I'm designing my own recipe cards! It's making it so much more fun. I'm going to print it as a 4x6 photo and then use one of those little albums where you just slide it in to keep them all together! The fact that I am so excited about this may only prove how lame I am, but I had to share. This is what I made last night... and ALL of my brothers practically inhaled it.

Friday, January 9, 2009

This is an emergency!

Does anyone know what that green flower is called??

(What kind of a store sells flowers without knowing what kind they are?)

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Saturday, January 3, 2009

What's up Don Hatch??

Don't be shy... leave a comment!hahaha

Friday, January 2, 2009

I love Arizona!

It's winter. It feels like fall. And my brothers are dressed like summer.