Monday, January 19, 2009

2 Fe + ZnSO- ---> What?

I have THE greatest news. Last semester, I made the mistake of taking Chemistry. I aced it in high school, but that was not the case this time. I spent hours staying up late trying to understand homework and even more hours in the tutoring center. Only to maintain a low C throughout the entire semester. I don't get C's! I never have! Even getting a B was considered sucky. But at this point I was happy to even pass!

(my teacher... jk. But almost?)
After going crazy studying for the cumulative final, I decided to just let it go and be glad it was over. WELL. I checked my grades from last semester tonight, and I got a freakin A!! I know what you're thinking. What the? That's what I was thinking too. But that's what it says! And now tomorrow.... I start Biology. Wish me luck.


Karen said...

My dear you are brilliant. I don't know where you get it, but you are clearly brilliant. The only thing that I know about Chemistry ... is that you and Austin sure do have it! Get it?

Good luck with your new semester!

Tina said...

haha! Your momma is silly! tee hee!

Congrats! Gosh... an "A"!!! That is just way...totally... AWESOME! But then again, YOU are awesome! So, we wouldn't expect less from you! Good Job!