Friday, January 16, 2009

Roll with it

So I came home from work yesterday, and my grandpa was at our house making his famous soup! My mom was going to make homemade rolls to go with it, but since I'm so adventurous, I told her I wanted to try and make them! And so I did....under her careful eye... haha But they turned out great! So here's another recipe.

I only like this picture because you can tell exactly what my grandpa is thinking....

...."Wow....Kacey is so great. She is my favorite granddaughter. She rocks at using a rolling pin."

ta duh!


Karen said...

You did a great job honey, and that's exactly what Grandpa was thinking.

ChelseY said...

hi kacey,

this is chelsey walbeck... i know you prob dont wanna hear from me.. but i got in touch with morgan and she told me you had a blog so i thought i'd check it out..i really miss you guys,and i just wanna say im really sorry for all the crap that went down..anyway you look soo gorgeous, and your blog is soo cute!

ChelseY said...

text me sometime mt # is 801 739 2694