Friday, January 30, 2009

Tree Hugger

I have been totally slacking on taking pictures. After the holidays... I haven't had many paying opportunities... I forgot I can just take pictures for fun. I've just been lacking inspiration and ideas. Well I looked outside today and saw our awesome tree in the front yard with swings and a tree house along with a bored little brother. What more did I need? Here's some of my favs.
Thanks to little Red for helping me!


Karen said...

Kacey those are wicked awesome! Your creative juices are on a roll ... keep it going!

melmck said...

ps. when can you take our family pictures in our new house? it's about time you got our here to see us!

twin2trip said...

Those pictures are super duper cool! Your brother was nice to add some interest to those photos. Aren't trees so neat though? Way to capture.