Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Love at First Site....

Just look at it. Isn't she beautiful?? I found all these little treasures at the front yard boutique last weekend. Karen Shaker will surely die when she sees that I have revealed the messy garage my loot is being stored in... but I had to share! I can't wait to decorate our place! (where ever that may be.....) I'm so pleased with my purchases though. I keep finding myself going into the garage just to look at them. I'm in love.

Oh did you think I was talking about Karl? Him too... :D He's getting really good at his 'excited' reactions when I show him girl things I know he doesn't and shouldn't care much about. haha What a good husband he'll be.

Also... isn't this such a cute idea! I may steal it. Not so much the giant jewels on the cupcakes. I just like the candelabra.
44 DAYS!


Rachael is getting ready to graduate! I'm so glad she wanted me to do her senior pictures. And she has been so patient with me since I have been extra busy with school and wedding plans. But I finally got them edited and these are the favs people.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Engagement Session? check.

This weekend, my super awesome cousin Kristen drove to Globe with Karl and I to take our engagement pics. I think it was the windiest day in the history of windy days. I was getting SO frustrated having to get my hair out of my face every 5 seconds. But Karl kept me smiling, and we got a lot of fun shots. Thanks SOO so much Kristen.

*I love him.

I'm sure there will be more to come later.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

I need chocolate....

It's a proven fact. Dark chocolate is high in flavonoids. Who doesn't want flavonoids? They are 'lauded for their relaxing properties'. It also contains phenethylamine, a chemical that enhances your mood. Surprised you didn't know that!....

I'm feeling a little stressed lately. I don't even think it's about the wedding. In fact, the wedding is what is keeping me sane. I am having so much fun, and I couldn't be more excited! I haven't even been engaged for a week, and I am so on the ball. The stress originates from ASU. Having so many assignments constantly on my mind automatically makes me want to hyperventilate. So I've been taking a lot of deep breathes lately. Little did I know, all I needed was some chocolate.


This morning I woke up to a very irritated mother. "What is it going to take to get you motivated! You already got the proposal!" I don't blame her. I know this is a stressful time for all. It was only after she tattled on me and had my aunt Julie call me to explain the situation (in a nurturing auntie way) that I realized how serious this was. My apologies. I've had the weekend to take it all in, but now... I have a wedding to plan.
schedule temple... check.
book reception venue.... check.
buy dress..... check.
decide on wedding theme/colors... check.
schedule engagement session with the amazing Kristen Reilly.... check
kiss Karl.... cheeeeeeck

Next on my list....
perfect 'THE list' for the wedding and bridal showers
design announcements
decide on the honeymoon
meet with florist and caterer
find a summer job (I don't care what you guys say. I'm not just gonna sit around all summer with out anything to do, and I want craft money! I'll have an apartment to decorate!)

meanwhile.... I'll be working.... interning.... and doing an endless amount of homework.

*If you would like an announcement you can email me your address!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

and so it begins....

Alright..... slight panic. Fotos by Flint has always been good to me. But 'me' has always been a young girl who lives at home with pretty much no bills. 'Me' will now be a married girl with a million bills and an extremely tight budget. This summer will be particularly slow. Unemployment probably isn't my ideal way to start my new life with Mr. Reed. SO... if anyone knows of anything.... please let me know!!!

55 days

I have 55 days until Karl and I are married! I have still been on cloud 9 these past couple days. Tonight when Karl came to pick me up for dinner with his family, he kissed me like he hadn't seen me in years. I'm falling more in love with him every day! I'm worried I will soon come off this high and wedding plans on top of work and ASU/interning will put me over the edge... so I'm trying to stay focused and be productive. Productivity often happens at 2 am for me. So here I sit.

The big question I have been getting a lot is 'What are your colors?' My answer always sucks. I really don't know! I can't decide. So I'm deciding not to decide. My theme is shabby chic/springtime. I just want light pastels that create a vintage springtime feel.

So I have found a lot of pictures of the look I am picturing and ideas I want to try.

A candy bar would be fun.... and I looove these colors.
I want lots of pictures of Karl and myself....together that is. I also want lots of twinkling lights.
This is my dresser/desk in my room. I want to use these pieces as well as other furniture for display tables or the sign in table or... whatev.

I think I just may have to put some yellow balls in my bouquet or somewhere!
This is what I pictures when I think shabby chic... not so much the top 3 pics. bleh.

These might be fun favors..... not so much Valentines Day theme though.
chic meets spring. Voila.

I like these bridesmaid bouquets... but I would probably want to add some pink.

I think Karl and I have decided on a dark grey suit. Then like a green or yellow tie... I don't know. Where can you find good ties anyway?

I am doing a tower of cupcakes instead of a wedding cake! And again... this is a vision of chicness.
I want my hair to be kinda wavy and then pulled back really lose. Naturally.... I will wear a sweet flower in my hair too.
Like these colors....

I'm thinking about telling my bridesmaids to find a summery dress and run free. I kinda like the idea of them all being different. I would just want them to stick with the pastel colors but they could have a cute print on them if they wanted. Eh?

My opinion. Sign in books/giant mats are worthless. I would never want to look at them. But I think this is a cute idea.

Loooove the look of this.

The top 2 pics work with me... I like the sign that would be pointing to the reception.
No explanation needed.
I've always had green apples in my mind as well...what I will do with them is a mystery. Ideas?

Like the lights and....kinda shabbyish (real word).
Definitely in my brain.

I like how these pictures are hung

I want to use the chandelier in my room as well- maybe above us during the ring ceremony (after the temple sealing of course)

My wedding AND my future house. Success.

No chocolate cupcakes.... but I like these colors/centerpieces.

I have a way cute & sign my uncle Danny made for me. But what in the world will Karl and I wear for our engagement photos?? I don't want to just wear jeans. Decisions decisions...
Not my dress..... not anything like my dress... but I will be adding flowers like this to my dress (Which we bought yesterday! :D). Booyah achieved.

That is just the nonsense running through my mind.

Your job? Pleeeease give me any tips or cute ideas or recommendations! What did you wish you would have known or thought of for your special day? I really have no idea what I am doing. And if you have a pretty backyard... wanna be friends?