Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Owl Tree Giveaway

See that cute Valentines Day subway art in that black frame? It can be all yours!
Go to Owl Tree to see my latest giveaway!!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

My brother is getting married!!

When Mat got home from his mission, he said, and I quote... "I want me a foreign one." hahah Well he found her. Little did we know I had known my future sister in law for years! It all started in junior high choir! We actually graduated together. I could not be happier Mat is marrying her. She fits into our family perfectly.

Karl & I took their engagement pictures last weekend in Phoenix. This is one of my favs.. but see more at K&K of course!

Here is how I look in action... Karl took this pic of me and I didn't even know it.
After taking pictures, we were on our way home when we heard a terrible noise and saw smoke and tire shreds flying behind the car!
Tire fail.
We had to do an emergency pull over and Kaelin and I sat on the cement median in the middle of the freeway praying no one would get ran over!

It may appear that Karl is doing the majority of the work... but rest assured that Mat helped just as much... I just wasn't interested in taking pictures of him. Look at my man! MMM! (Read the previous in a sassy black woman's voice.)

But we got home safe. Can't wait for the wedding in March!!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The Weekend

This weekend has been all business for us. Our good friends came over to help us begin laying our new tile! (squeal!)
I am so happy to be getting rid of this hideous linoleum. It's going to look like a whole new house!
While the boys worked... Morgan and I 'helped' by playing with this little guy. I did end up really helping later though. I ripped out almost all of the linoleum in the kitchen. Booyah.
Karl has still been working very hard and staying up all night to try and get it done.
Saturday evening we took pictures of Karl's cousin and his fiance in Scottsdale. See more at K&K
After we took their pictures, we went to dinner at this place called Culinary Dropout. It was really cool with giant chandeliers and big comfy sofas and chairs for their seating. We chose to sit outside by the heaters!
We felt very healthy....
So then we went to Yogurt Land. haha
I love leaving Karl with the pink spoon. He loves it too... as you can see by the look on his face
Most of Sunday morning was spent snuggling with Roscoe. He loooves our bed. I would too compared to a small plastic kennel.

I love this picture Karl took of him. So cozy. Roscoe's ears stay up now!
After church, we got to spend time with both sides of the family. I love the weekends!

Friday, January 7, 2011

Mooney Family!

This is my mom's sister, Julie. She is one of the greatest aunts in the world! Her family was in town for Christmas so we decided it would be a good time to take their family pictures.
We had 1 wall, 5 kids, 30 minutes, and 30 degree weather! I'd say we did pretty good!

We let Jack hold Roscoe for a couple pics to get him smiling!
Then Garrison kept him warm.
I love this family and was so glad I could take their family pictures. Go see more at K&K!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Kelsey & Kimball got married!

My cousin Kelsey got married on possibly the coldest night of the year! Karl and I got to take pictures at their reception. Go see our work at K&K!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Two Thousand Eleven.

Happy New Year! Compared to many New Year's posts done by others... this will prove what a boring married couple we are! haha New Year's Eve was spend at my parent's. Karl attempted to cook a dutch oven dessert while I read my book, Hunger Games (you should so read it!). I fell asleep watching Karl play nintendo around 11 and woke up to Karl saying it was time to go home around 12:15. How embarrassing... However. New Year's DAY was fun. We slept in! Something that rarely happens. Then we went to breakfast at the Egg and I. Our waitress may have been hungover or perhaps still drunk because she did not do a very good job serving us... but it was a cute restaurant, and I loved having breakfast with Mr. Reed.

During the day, I had to work a wedding for a few hours, so Karl worked on the house a little bit and then went and played Mediator with his friends. It's some hacky sack game I still don't quite understand... but they've been playing it for years.
That night, we went to dinner and a movie with my older brother and his bride to be! They set the date for March and we are all so excited!
We went to this Japanese restaraunt called Awe So. They cook the food right in front of you and it is soo good. Afterward... we went to see the movie Gulliver's Travels where Jack Black turns into a giant and saves all these little people... meh. Karl and Kaelin both fell asleep.
And on to the biggest part of our new year. I feel like one of those mom's that just had a baby. All they do is blog about their baby and how cute they are and everything they are doing. Well... Roscoe is our baby. Besides being extra snugly and enjoying the sun, he also has a few other quirks.
He loves to be in tight spots. He will army crawl under anything or behind something and just chillax for a while.
He actually got stuck here once and I had to help him out. hahaha.. so sad.

(here is a sneak peak of our awesome honeycomb linoleum floor! Karl and our friend are going to start laying the new tile this weekend! I can't wait!)
He also chews on everything! He has a rope he is allowed to chew on... but we get hurt when we decides he would rather chew on our fingers or ears!
I love having Roscoe! Since school is out and work has slowed down, I am home a lot! It's not so boring when I am constantly trying to chase him down. So far it has been a wonderful year. Karl and I feel so blessed and still love every minute we are together.

As for the cliche of New Year's resolutions...
I'll try and be better about blogging and recording our daily lifes...
Eat healthier... exercise more... blah blah blah
Attend the temple more regularly and do more service
Be more confident in myself

Happy 2011 everyone!