Thursday, January 20, 2011

My brother is getting married!!

When Mat got home from his mission, he said, and I quote... "I want me a foreign one." hahah Well he found her. Little did we know I had known my future sister in law for years! It all started in junior high choir! We actually graduated together. I could not be happier Mat is marrying her. She fits into our family perfectly.

Karl & I took their engagement pictures last weekend in Phoenix. This is one of my favs.. but see more at K&K of course!

Here is how I look in action... Karl took this pic of me and I didn't even know it.
After taking pictures, we were on our way home when we heard a terrible noise and saw smoke and tire shreds flying behind the car!
Tire fail.
We had to do an emergency pull over and Kaelin and I sat on the cement median in the middle of the freeway praying no one would get ran over!

It may appear that Karl is doing the majority of the work... but rest assured that Mat helped just as much... I just wasn't interested in taking pictures of him. Look at my man! MMM! (Read the previous in a sassy black woman's voice.)

But we got home safe. Can't wait for the wedding in March!!