Monday, August 27, 2012

The Best of the Rest of Summer

Better late than never... but here is the rest of our summer happenings!

We had such a fun 4th of July! The weekend before the 4th we celebrated on Main St. with Indian fry bread, kettle corn, and fireworks! Rowe slept right through them. 

On the actual 4th of July, we spent the night in the street helping my dad get rid of a giant box of fireworks. 

Rowe did NOT sleep through this one...

Then the weekend after the 4th we went up North for the Heber fireworks. I have yet to see a better show. I love spending the 4th up there. We are so lucky to be able to stay with our grandparents and spend time with them as well. We were spoiled with more Indian fry bread and pancakes! 

 Pit stop at Willow Lake

Hanging out at the cabin. 

The boys were pretty excited to find out there was a frolf course in Show Low. So we took another little drive and played in the pines. 

 Then that night we watched the most amazing fireworks while Rowe hung out with Great Grandma and Grandpa McKinnon.

Kaelin made this awesome video of our trip!

On August 11th, Keaton came home from his mission in Idaho! My parents went up a couple days before to pick him up and meet the people he has been serving with. We all waited anxiously for his late flight home that got delayed to even later. 

Killing time while we wait to go to the airport. Rowe loves the sound when you blow your lips... hence my retarded face but his very cute one. 

 A lot changed since Keaton left 2 years ago! We added Kaelin and Rowe to the family and Jake got a lot taller!

Before & After

This is posted simply because it needs to be documented... not because it is going to be important to any of you. 

Lovin on Uncle Shake- We are so happy to have this kid home!

 We finally got our 5 generation picture! 

And this guy had a birthday! The big 26. We went to breakfast and then he got meatloaf and chocolate chip cookies. A dream come true. 

Since summer was coming to an end, and Karl was about to start another semester of school, he went on one last man trip with his friend JJ and of course, the dogs. He was gone for 3 whole days. That is longest we have been apart in over 2 years people. But I survived. Here are my favorites from all the awesome pictures he took. 

This will be framed in my house. So great.  

So aside from all these exciting events, Rowe has been doing a lot of great things these past 2 months. 

He finally got a double chin. Ya buddy.  

He thinks it's the funniest thing to look at himself in the mirror. 

He got to meet the Stocks! At last!

He is starting to hold his bottle. So cute. 

He is starting to wear big boy clothes. 

He got his first bath in Great Great Grandma McKinnon's sink. A tradition for countless babies. 

 We gave up on swaddling that long, wiggly worm. He happily sleeps on his tummy now and consequently sleeps through the night. It's the greatest thing ever. 

Still loves that TV... Don't judge. 

Roscoe can't wait any longer for Rowe to be big enough to play! I was blow drying my hair one day and looked over at Rowe to see this happening.

Still all smiles. 

And his latest trick.... he is starting to giggle. It makes me want to cry and crack up at the same time it's so cute. It's been a rare happening, but when it does happen I love it!

He is 4 months old as of yesterday and weighs a whopping 15 lbs. This week he gets to take his first ride on an airplane! San Francisco here we come!

(My goal for these months to come is  to get my real camera out more often because the camera phone isn't hackin it. My apologies.)