Sunday, March 21, 2010

55 days

I have 55 days until Karl and I are married! I have still been on cloud 9 these past couple days. Tonight when Karl came to pick me up for dinner with his family, he kissed me like he hadn't seen me in years. I'm falling more in love with him every day! I'm worried I will soon come off this high and wedding plans on top of work and ASU/interning will put me over the edge... so I'm trying to stay focused and be productive. Productivity often happens at 2 am for me. So here I sit.

The big question I have been getting a lot is 'What are your colors?' My answer always sucks. I really don't know! I can't decide. So I'm deciding not to decide. My theme is shabby chic/springtime. I just want light pastels that create a vintage springtime feel.

So I have found a lot of pictures of the look I am picturing and ideas I want to try.

A candy bar would be fun.... and I looove these colors.
I want lots of pictures of Karl and myself....together that is. I also want lots of twinkling lights.
This is my dresser/desk in my room. I want to use these pieces as well as other furniture for display tables or the sign in table or... whatev.

I think I just may have to put some yellow balls in my bouquet or somewhere!
This is what I pictures when I think shabby chic... not so much the top 3 pics. bleh.

These might be fun favors..... not so much Valentines Day theme though.
chic meets spring. Voila.

I like these bridesmaid bouquets... but I would probably want to add some pink.

I think Karl and I have decided on a dark grey suit. Then like a green or yellow tie... I don't know. Where can you find good ties anyway?

I am doing a tower of cupcakes instead of a wedding cake! And again... this is a vision of chicness.
I want my hair to be kinda wavy and then pulled back really lose. Naturally.... I will wear a sweet flower in my hair too.
Like these colors....

I'm thinking about telling my bridesmaids to find a summery dress and run free. I kinda like the idea of them all being different. I would just want them to stick with the pastel colors but they could have a cute print on them if they wanted. Eh?

My opinion. Sign in books/giant mats are worthless. I would never want to look at them. But I think this is a cute idea.

Loooove the look of this.

The top 2 pics work with me... I like the sign that would be pointing to the reception.
No explanation needed.
I've always had green apples in my mind as well...what I will do with them is a mystery. Ideas?

Like the lights and....kinda shabbyish (real word).
Definitely in my brain.

I like how these pictures are hung

I want to use the chandelier in my room as well- maybe above us during the ring ceremony (after the temple sealing of course)

My wedding AND my future house. Success.

No chocolate cupcakes.... but I like these colors/centerpieces.

I have a way cute & sign my uncle Danny made for me. But what in the world will Karl and I wear for our engagement photos?? I don't want to just wear jeans. Decisions decisions...
Not my dress..... not anything like my dress... but I will be adding flowers like this to my dress (Which we bought yesterday! :D). Booyah achieved.

That is just the nonsense running through my mind.

Your job? Pleeeease give me any tips or cute ideas or recommendations! What did you wish you would have known or thought of for your special day? I really have no idea what I am doing. And if you have a pretty backyard... wanna be friends?


Melissa said...

I have lots of ideas :) But I did want to tell you that I have seen green apples and lemons put in vases with the flowers. It turns out really cute. Just an idea. Congrats! I am so excited for you!

colleenroselle said...

how did you find all these pictures??sooo cute. I love the flowers on that wedding dress and the yellow bouquet with balls in the middle. I am excited to see engagement photos:)

Karen said...

Breathe Karen ... just breathe.

Lindsee said...

First off, congratualtions! You are so darling. I am guilty of stalking your blog because you are cute and I like your style. But I don't feel that bad because we are family (even though we have never met) ;) So, I make these flowers ( a few different kinds) and if you want some for flower girls or bridesmaids I would make them for ya (just pay materials!) We used them at my wedding to hold up lace table cloths so they scalloped. So cute.

And, my mom (and a few others) is having a boutique this Saturday (27th). She has got LOTS of vintage things she will be selling at good prices. Check out my blog for more info.

P.S. He's cute. Good job ;)

Rachel said...

Hey you. So at the wedding I just did, they used a big bird cage as the card holder. I thought it was a great idea. Believe it or not, the new thing is people stealing cards (Creed) so not only are you protecting them, you are also decorating!!

Also, I think it'd be way super cute to do the big apothecary jars and fill them with the apples or little antique odds and ends like buttons.. you know like the things in your room. And I LOVE the books.. Man so many things- how will you ever decide??

Oh ya, so chandelier is way cute.. I loved how they did it at my open house. Also the old furniture is cool. Jordan's aunts almost did our open house so that each table had its own antique little style. I think you should definitely incorporate the clothespin pictures. Way cute.

Kristen Reilly said...

Ok so I LOVE these ideas!! The chic style is AMAZING! I really like the candy bar idea and the pictures hanging with the clothespins...oh yeah and the old books for the centerpieces. You're going to have an incredibly cute reception!! Can't wait to see it!!