Monday, March 29, 2010

Engagement Session? check.

This weekend, my super awesome cousin Kristen drove to Globe with Karl and I to take our engagement pics. I think it was the windiest day in the history of windy days. I was getting SO frustrated having to get my hair out of my face every 5 seconds. But Karl kept me smiling, and we got a lot of fun shots. Thanks SOO so much Kristen.

*I love him.

I'm sure there will be more to come later.


Cyn said...

Oh.My.Wow! Some of the best I've ever seen! Maybe because you're both so in love and it shows! I think the wind actually worked great for your hair! You look fabulous!

The Clawson's said...

They are SO cute Kacey! You both look great! I'm comin up this weekend for EAster! So I wanna come visit ya!

Katie Nelson said...

Why are these the cutest engagement pics ever?
a. kacey is gorgeous
b. the whole theme of the pictures is trendy and so chic
c. kc +karl=amazingness
d. all the above

I think we all know the answer :-)

Congrats girl!

Karen said...

Oh dang girl ... you nailed it!

Karl T photography said...

These turned out AWESOME!
wait...where are the kissy pictures!? hahaha jk.
p.s. the wind looked awesome on you.
p.s.s. I just love you

Karl T photography said...

"ok, serious face now"

Nicole said...

cute cute cute!

colleenroselle said...

these pictures are beauuuutiful

Mrs. Bennett said...

Gorgeous! I love your wedding updates, keep them coming!

Fosburgh Family said...

You look AMAZING!!!! These pictures are to great. Congrats.

chelsea :: stock said...

karl flirting? IN PUBLIC??

he is right though, wind made the pictures so awesome.

I can't wait to get the announcement, and see which ones won out.

Tina said...

Totally awesome!