Sunday, October 16, 2011

OOooooOOOoooo (spooky)

Warning: The following video contains scary stories that may not be suitable for wimps.


Tina McKinnon said...

haha! This is your mom's story, so I'll let her tell it if she choses, but Karen: do you remember the scare your Uncle Pat gave you and a bunch of your young friends @ your slumber (misnomer big time!) party when we were almost ready to move into the new house on Oasis in about 1981? Big house, mostly dark, new to everyone, no street lights, sitting in the middle of a strange... and may I repeat, dark 5-acre lot? You probably FLOODED your pants that time!! hahahaha! That is such a great story... hope you fill in the rest of it!

Karen said...

Ah yes ... I guess my mind had blocked out this horrific event. So as Grandma was saying ... it was a very dark evening. And all of the sudden, we see this large, dark figure outside sneaking around the windows. We all screamed and huddled together as it became clear that it was a gorilla. That's right, a gorilla had found the farm. I don't recall wetting my pants, but I'm sure it happened before we found out that it was Uncle Pat dressed in a monkey suit just dying to scare a bunch of easily scared girls. Nice. Real nice. Happy freakin' Halloween.