Sunday, November 13, 2011

"You're Starting to SHOW!"

I am now 4 months along (16 weeks and 2 days if you speak pregnancy). According to my most recent check up.... zero pounds gained.... But "You're starting to show!" is something I've been hearing a lot of lately. Sometimes.... I get excited and agree. Other times... I'm like 'scuse me- what did you say? I still have mixed feelings about it. I think a lot of the time it depends on what I am wearing... and how much I have eaten that day. Mostly people just see a food baby I think. Which speaking of! Our baby is now the size of an avocado. I love me some avocado. But pardon my French... isn't an orange bigger than an avocado? Is our baby shrinking?? Maybe Fry's just sells the skimpy ones. Anyways... I thought I just needed to start documenting this pregnancy's progress a little better. The little one has got a good, strong heart beat. I haven't felt any movement yet, but the doctor says baby cakes is very active. We find out the gender of our first born November 30th! I can't wait. I have been so sure that it is a boy... but just recently I have begun to think... What if it's a girl!? We will just have to wait and see!

As for my deprived SNL fans. I really do apologize. We had every intention of recording a show tonight but... Grandma got ran over by a reindeer. Just kidding. A car. Not run over by a car. Just in a car crash. And I only joke because she is fine. And I love her. But as you could imagine... we were slightly occupied tonight. Hang in there for one more week!


Karen said...

Oh my gosh you're killing me.

Poor Grandma.

The Clawson's said...

ummm. you are not showing. You're super cute tho!

Amy Legler said...

If that's what you call "showing" then I'm always showing are so not. But I'm curious - do you want to be? I remember LOVING having my belly and couldn't wait for it to be all big and round and I would often get bugged when people would tell me how tiny I was haha. I'm glad that baby is doing well!

Tyler and Bryna said...

So excited for you guys!! woot woot! You are so cute!