Monday, August 29, 2011

SNL: Typhoon Karen!

At least my mom is the one with the horrible frozen face this time. hahaha


melmck said...

Robby is so funny all the time that he kind of eclipses the rest of the family from me without knowing it. But now that I have you separated from him, I'm here to tell you that you guys are funny. And I love you guys, too. And yer cute.

Morgan Borgia said...

Lifelong viewer here! I love the show name and can't wait to hear the theme song so get to work on it!

Matt and Telicia Webb said...

This makes me laugh every time i see this! You two are seriously hilarious! I think if i was having a hot flash i might tell the person i am with (probably in a laughing manor) but none the less i think i would be miserable and just have to say something! haha but keep SNL coming! I love it!!!