Sunday, February 19, 2012


I bought this misunderstood little piece of furniture like a year ago. I had the best intentions to refinish her and give her a new life. Now besides spray painting THIS shelf black, I did not have much experience with this business. That is probably why it sat around looking sad for the past year. Well, since I will be a mother needing a fully functional nursery in a mere 10 weeks, I decided it was time to put this gem to good use. I knew it would make the perfect little table to put a lamp on and place next to my glider for all the late feedings and wonderful story reading that will happen. I was very nervous... but I'm completely thrilled (and super proud)with how it turned out! Even Karl likes it. Bonus!

After paint.
After glaze.

And might I add, it was fun! It gave me something to do as a widow when Karl was camping with the scouts all weekend. I'm ready for another project.

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Tina McKinnon said...

Good job! I love it!! xox