Monday, July 18, 2011

Ella Mae is 86!

This is my great grandma, Ella Mae McKinnon. Today she turned 86 years old! She is one of the most amazing people and especially grandmas. She has 3 sons, 20 grandchildren (not including spouses) and over 50 great grandchildren! (I think I counted right...) Yowzah!
She is still very beautiful and full of life! Here she is playing checkers with some of the great grandsons as we celebrated her birthday tonight with pizza and root beer floats. Cheers to Ella Mae!


Cyn said...

I LOVE her! She's amazing! I'm sure your mom will be just as amazing at 86! :)

Karen said...

Look at her skin! I'm pretty sure she is supposed to have more wrinkles than me. We're the luckiest to have such a Grandma.