Saturday, August 30, 2008

Cute Cousins!

Since I am just getting started on my own, I'm always looking for volunteer models. Good thing I have plenty of adorable cousins! Here are just a few I have taken this past week.

Little Reilly Rachelle

Miss Ella Mae
Kristi Lee

Gracie Lue

The Mooney Boys.... Chet, Nic, And Boston


Tina said...

Oh, those are precious... I do have great looking grandkids!!! :>) It got too late before Julie saw these so she didn't get you called... manana, I guess. Good job, the pictures are terrific! xox

Karen said...

Oh dang those are good. Those are reeeeeal good. You must have gotten your creative eye from me.

twin2trip said...

I like the picture with the 3 boys and looking through the M fence. Those are just fantastic. What a skill to have.