Monday, October 27, 2008

An Awesome Week!

Last week was pretty eventful....

MONDAY, my missionary, Austin Hatch, was sent to Quito, Ecuador! He is doing so great! We are 1/12 done...Isn't he fine? ;)

THURSDAY, my dad scored me and Rachel Rashell awesome tickets to the Suns game! 11th row!
FRIDAY, Rachel and I went with some friends to her ward costume party, and then to the Harvest Dance. I'll be honest. I was making fun of the Harvest Dance not just a few days earlier, but I had so much fun! After thinking long and hard about our costumes, Rachel decided to be a gangsta (flava flave style), and I was an old lady. I sprayed my hair gray along with baby powder (just to get the smell right too haha), found an old pair of glasses, put on some nylons and slipper/socks, the most perfect house coat that I believe belonged to my great grandma Suzie, and stuffed myself full of towels. Then I added some pearls of course. Just for flavor. I wish I would have recorded a video, because I had the grandma walk down! I also had the grandma dance down. We all laughed all night. Towards the end, they gathered everyone around for the costume contest. Throughout the night, people had been selected to be in the contest, and they were asked to come to the front. I turned to Rachel and gave her my grandma smirk. She knew exactly what I was up to. No, I had not been nominated...but I nominated myself! I slowly wandered up front and took my elderly stance next to the other contestants. The crowd had to cheer for each of us, and whoever they cheered the loudest for won. They narrowed it down to me, Cleopatra, and a penguin. I WON! A free Jamba Juice and the title of being awesome. People are still calling me granny. It was such a fun night!

SUNDAY, was Stephen Chapman's farewell. He is the 2nd to last out of 12 of my best guys to leave on a mission. So all that is left of our small group of friends took a road trip out to Casa Grande to hear him speak. He reports Wed. for the Portland, Oregon mission.

SUNDAY NIGHT, Rachel, Melanie, and I all went over to the Reidhead's to carve pumpkins and play some Halloween games. NICEST family ever. They didn't even make fun of me when they saw my retarded pumpkin. I'm not sure what happened. I think the knife I was working with was just too big for the small space I had to work with. But I incorporated some toothpicks to try and make any improvements I could, but then I just decided to call it an alien.

I just love this time of year!


Karen said...

Look at you bloggin' away! Oh my gosh I'm still laughing at the old lady that you possessed. You should take that act on the road! Hooray for Austin in Quito and Hooray for this season. Keep on smiling!

The Reidheads said...

WOW!! That does sound like an eventful week!! I'm glad we made it on the list, haha! We really had a great time and it was great having you girls here (even if the games were a little cheesy) :-) Love your old lady cute!! Yes your bracelet is here and I guess that means you are gonna have to come see us again! See ya soon,

The Clawson's said...

Kacey you are an absolute crack up! You've always done the best grandma. Remember that one Halloween when you were the fat belly dancer! Crack up! Love ya girl!'t we all love a good harvest dance! ha.

Brandi said...

Kacey, Brandi here.....from Virginia! I just love you to pieces! you are so much fun and I love the old lady costume! You are such a beautiful gal, inside and out.

Tina said...

Great pix! You are just too funny! Sure glad you've gotten to friends with the Reidheads... the ARE the best! love ya tons!