Friday, July 10, 2009


My mom, my uncle David, and I all took a road trip to Yuma to see my uncle Mac perform in the Broadway show "Into The Woods"! He did so great and it was such a fun trip.


Karen said...

Who knew we could have such a culturally fantastic time in Yuma?! I'm ready to go back -

Tina said...

Hey! Really GREAT pictures! Thanks for posting them... So sorry we missed the play and the fun... xox

The earlier limn gets the worm said...

love it! love your pics, love your blog, love you! i am like Mesa's #1 chicken fighter ya'll!!!! i had to retire, due to a potential drowning situation that happened last summer. But I am 10 pounds down and only 10 LBS to go and you better believe I'll be stradling some muscley man's shoulders in no time!!

keep clicking!!!!!


The Clawson's said...

Awww, Yuma. Looks like your trip was still fun! ha. How did Lauren's reception go? I feel so bad that I couldn't go. oh well.

melmck said...

holy crap, that first pic of david with nicholas on his shoulders looks almost exactly like robby. i totally did a double-take, thinking "What the H*** is Robby doing there and where was I!" i'm a might possesive as his wife.

everyone looks cute, btw. love you.