Thursday, August 13, 2009

Toro Camp

My big, little brother Keaton is such a champion. Every summer he goes to Toro football camp in Heber. My grandparents live in Heber, so we always go up there to support Keaton and visit them. 

Jake and Garrison found many ways to entertain themselves.


My mom was always right there to cheer him on when he won haha


My dad came in town and drove up to camp to surprise Keaton on his birthday


'Garrett's mom' said...

Ok where do I begin....first off, admit it that you LOVED taking so many pics of boys with their shirts off! Second, how fun to be there for your brother! Third, that's awesome your dad came up for Keaton's birthday! Fourth, the pic of the dude peeing made me laugh out loud! Fifth, good job! They look awesome!

melmck said...

i am SOOO excited for this season! somebody get me a schedule already!