Thursday, January 21, 2010

There's a Storm A-brewin!

All week my mom has been walking around the house assuring us "There's a storm a-brewin!" Consider it brewed. Where in the world did Arizona go? This is so crazy! My family has been loving it besides the fact that our roof is leaking... (at least it's not my room! bwaahaha) I've been told it is only going to get worse... I love the rain. But storms scare me. As soon as there is thunder and lightning... I am convinced we are all going to die. My mom swears the storm of the century will be occurring right when I will be going to class tonight. If this is my last post... I bid thee farewell.

WIIIIIND! (It's true. I haven't washed my hair in 4 days.)

Look who arrived when I went outside to take pictures of Jake and his friend! DAD is home! (With a black goatee? What happened to the grey hair? Midlife crisis alert....)


Cyn said...

By-the-way...tornado watch until 10 tonight. We'll miss you. :)
I LOVE how creative Jake and his friend are. That looks too fun!!!
Welcome home "Dad"! Just in time!

Karen said...

If my hair looked that good ... I'd NEVER wash it!

Tina said...

I loved that first picture... I think the first one, anyway the trees and stuff in like sepia tone... cool... and WAY COOL that your dad is home. I wish your grandpa was home... xox

The Clawson's said...

I love the title! Everytime a storm is coming in, I say the same reminds me of your momma!

colleenroselle said...

thats awesome!