Sunday, February 7, 2010


Allow me to narrate a wonderful 24 hours.
Saturday afternoon, my mom, my uncle David, little red Garrison, and I all headed for Yuma. Saturday night, my aunt Julie, along with baby Jack and Kristi Lee, showed us to the Filiberto's of Yuma. I don't remember what it was called... but that was a good burrito.

This trip, Kristi was really into lipstick.... which she reapplied every 30 seconds and was so kind to share with me.

say it. "Kacey! Your hair is growing!"

After dinner, they came with us back to our hotel. My mom loves hotels. It doesn't matter where we are... as long as she has a nice hotel bed... she's set for days. Here is Jacky devouring our nutter butter stash...
Sunday. THE PLAY! The whole reason we went. Chet, Nic, and Boston were all in the play The Wizard of Oz. They did awesome!! It was so fun to see.

Here is Chet signing autographs afterward. He was the Mayor of the munchkins!

They all played munchkins, snowflakes, and flying monkeys! I know these movies are short and lame... but not as lame as the pictures I got because I couldn't use a flash. So....get over it.

*LOVELY MOMENT* Uncle Mac taking Kristi Lee and Jack for a ride.

Uncle Mac also took me for a ride... across the border!! Mexico is like 20 min from their house... and I just so happened to have my passport. So we took my mom's car there to get some body work done. My uncle knows a guy. She's getting hydraulics along with gold rims and flames. haha jk... she has a dent. And Jose is cheap. ANYWAY. I had so much fun!! So much fun that I was too excited to take out my camera... I wish I would have taken more pictures. But it really was great. And it was nice to be able to use my Espanol!

(this is where the mother stayed and prayed I returned)
Welcome to Algodones!
(that sign means "stop" in English. booyah)
I don't drink soda. But when it is presented in such a large, Mexican bottle that your uncle has already opened for you... it's a must.

This was just the little shop we were taking the car to. I wish I would have taken pics by all the little shops in town.
The great wall of Mexico. Ay ninos! Run!
So after a delightful burrito, hotel, play, and excursion to Mexico... we all made it home safely. The end.


Tina said...

Thanks for sharing your weekend with us!!! What great fun! The little boys are so cute... Dang! Wish I could have been there!

Karen said...

Kacey! Your hair is growing!

Julie said...

So much fun to see my life on your blog. I'm glad someone is making a record of it. I love you Kacey. You are my favorite adult niece. Auntie Julie