Monday, August 2, 2010

Shaker Vacation 2010!!!

Last weekend, my entire family got to take an amazing vacation to Catalina Island! This was our last shebang before little Keaton leaves on his mission.

Here we are on the boat ride to the island! My dad was having me test out the snorkeling gear he bought!

Playing a little sand volleyball
Mom and Dad walking around town! The town on the Island, Avalon, is so small everything was in walking distance from our beach house.
I requested a muscle shot... this is what I got.
Karl "bonding" with the little brother.

Time to Snorkel! A bay on the island is a fish preserve so everyone goes there to snorkel since it's loaded with fish! (sick)

There was a lot of tripping/slipping walking in those flippers!

All the boys were having the time of their lives! I was just fine watching them and enjoying the scenery with my parents....but...

Karl insisted that I at least give snorkeling a try.
I tried. It was terrible! The water was freeeeezing and my dad was throwing fish food at me so I was being swarmed by fish!!!!! Everyone could hear me screaming out of my snorkel.
Lets zoom in on the grip I had....yikes.
Like I said..... I tried...
The adventure finally ended when Karl tried to ambush the father-in-law by putting fish food down the back of his shorts. Surprise! Gary's fast.
We began our second day with a little parasailing. SO so fun!

The rope was 1,400 ft!
Needless to say, G loved it too!
When Matt, Jake, and our friend Robby went, the captain dipped them in the water!

Here we are taking golf cart tours around the island

Out by the pier.
Our last night on the island, Karl took me on a ROMANTIC walk and got us icecream.
Before we headed home, Robby assisted us in getting my mom's dream family picture on the beach.

Booyah achieved.


Tina McKinnon said...

Majorly radical pix! Looks like a totally successful vacation! How fun! xox

The Reidheads said...

LOVE your family picts. Karls new "do" looks good. You are the worst snorkleer i've ever met :)

Karen said...

I can't believe we really did it. So happy it all worked out!

Sirrine Family said...

Karen, you didn't get much "Air" on that one shot!