Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Mirror Makeover!

My uncle David was kind enough to get us this mirror as a wedding gift. (Almost 1 year ago?! Whaaat!)

We really like the mirror... hence why we registered for it... but I didn't feel like it was fitting in with the theme of our new home. But these insecurities were nothing that a trip to Hobby Lobby couldn't fix. 5 super cute knobs for 50% off? Please and thank you!

And thank you to my awesome dad for helping me!

(I plan on patching up the holes and painting the mirror a different color..... eventually)
But for right now... I LOVE it. Success.
(Forgive the blurry photos... I was too lazy to get my camera out and just used my phone.)


Karen said...

Oh Gary ... so crafty! Super cute.

J & M Bredsguard said...

so cute! so creative. love it!