Friday, June 17, 2011

Gurrs are Great!... (was that too much?)

This post has 2 purposes. 1- To give a shout out to my favorite husband/wife duo and their mad furniture skills. Their names are Brandon and Aimee Gurr and they do THE most amazing work!! Here is our latest addition. We were able to sit down with them and explain the kind of entertainment center we wanted. We have been searching for a good one for a long time that would hide all of our electronic's cords and not be too big to eat up our family room. By working with them, we got the exact look and size we wanted! Not to mention for a great price! Reason #2 for this post... look how pathetic my family room looks! I'm in desperate need of help to figure out how to fill up the wall on the other side of the TV and it's obvious we need to paint! So any ideas.... or helpers ;)

Just look at that fiiiine craftsmanship!

We LOOOOVE it so much! The chicken wire they used for the top cabinets allows for our precious x-box to 'breathe' while still being hidden! Cha-ching!

Here is another item from the Gurrs. This amazing custom frame was a wedding gift from them. We have gotten so many compliments on it!

I also bought this frame from them last night!! I love the color. So does Roscoe.

This freaking cute aqua shelf is not mine (although I wish it was!!) was also made by them! They can seriously do anything! So I guess if you wanted them to make something for you.... I would be generous enough to give you their number.

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