Monday, September 28, 2009

Jamie and David are married!

*I'll start off by saying that sober groomsmen are fun!*

Jamie and David were sealed together in the Mesa temple on Friday!

We took a few more pictures around the temple, and then we spent the rest of the evening at her amaaaazing backyard reception. She had a HUGE bridal party so I got to try some new and fun shots. 

This is Jamie's mom (left) and my mom. They have been best friends for years! My mom had to go to Keaton's football game so she stopped by before in her toro attire. 

I loved this!! They had a whole wall of pictures I had taken for them! 

I think the daddy-daughter dance was my favorite part!



Charee said...

So, Kacey...I'm getting married in the spring of 2011. Wanna be my photographer? :)


Karen said...

Well congratulations Chareena!

Kacey - beautiful & fun work (love the sober groomsmen huddling around my daughter).

I was completely underdressed for the ball.

Anais said...

Kacey these pics are amazing!! I got teared up just looking back through all of these!! You've got some serious talent girl!