Wednesday, September 30, 2009

No Trespassing

BUT we did!
My cousin Kristen (who happens to be an AWESOME photographer *click*) and I took the day to explore beat up buildings and abandoned warehouses. These are my favorites from the day. 

Watch out homeless man! That graffiti dog is about to swallow you!

AND this was my project for the day. I'm going to print these pictures as 5x7 and find a frame that fits them all.



Kristen Reilly said...

Oh Kacey! You are AMAZING!!!!!!!

Karen said...

You're such a rebel! Nice shots. Way ta' sacrifice your freedom for a nice shot. Well hello Ms. Policewoman!

Rachel said...

HOLLA!! hey i was gonna create pics like that! great minds think alike!! where'd you guys find those buildings at? I WANNA GO ADVENTURING!!