Monday, June 21, 2010


When you are married... you learn things about your spouse you never knew before. When you go camping... you learn even more!

A couple weeks ago Karl and I went camping with our good friends the Reidheads. We traded Karl's little brother the Vibe for the truck and headed towards the Rim. I think Karl and I learned a lot about each other that weekend.
1- Kacey thinks 70 degrees is too cold.... so if you take her to 50 degree weather... be prepared for her to freeze and cling to you.
2- Karl is a real live mountain man. I always kind of suspected it... what with the beard and all... but it's true. He is. As we drove, he pointed out the different trees and explained to me which ones are good for what. When we were getting a fire ready, he pulled an ax out of no where and nonchalantly explained how he had just redone the handle and then continued to chop wood. Nature is where he thrives. And I'll admit it. I was impressed.
3- Kacey finally showed Karl what "the cricket" was. Don't ask... you'll know when the time is right.
4- Karl is a professional rock skipper. I think he has trophies hidden somewhere.

It was such a fun trip, and I loved learning more about my husband. I seem to love him more and more each day.


Karen said...

Ha ha ha ha ha! The cricket! Oh my gosh I'm laughing all over my keyboard! And I love these pictures ... you guys are going to have a lifetime of awesome pics.

Amy Legler said...

I'm dying to know what the cricket is......or do I really not want to know??