Monday, June 14, 2010

The Honeymoon!

After our oh so stellar wedding, we stayed our first night at the Hyatt in Phoenix. We thought this would be so fun because we can go back to the spinning restaurant on top of this hotel for our anniversaries!
Saturday- We went to breakfast and decided we would leave the 'just married' writing on our car for our whole trip. We got lots of smiles and honks. An old man even said we looked like we were made for each other. (awwww)

The rest of that day was spent driving to cali, where we then stayed at the lovely La Quinta thanks to papa Shaker. We used some of his points to get a free night, and I think the hotel staff was disappointed to see it was us and not my dad. They had a sign in the lobby that said "Welcome Mr. Shaker". haha What's up VIP?

Sunday- On our way to our next destination, we stopped at this place called Torrey Pines Park in San Diego. It was a beautiful park with lots of trails. We hiked down the trail that took us all the way down to the beach.

And then a giant wave came out of no where and destroyed me... and barely sprinkled Karl.
We then arrived at Crystal Pier! Karl and his family vacationed here all the time when he was younger, and he was dying to take me here.
This is the view from the boardwalk.
Here is the cottage we stayed in. We just parked our car right in front of it. It was sooo fun! We could just go to the beach whenever we wanted and not have to worry about parking or traveling back to a hotel.
This is looking out onto our back porch. You could hear the waves while you slept.
Our little Kitchen which we actually did use once.
We got to walk to the end of the pier and watch the sunset.
That night, we went and ate at this place called Dick's Last Resort where the employees are paid to be rude to you. We felt a little out of place...
Monday- We explored Balboa Park.
And made fun of these nerds.

Then we went to San Diego's Wildlife Park. Yes that's a lion behind us.

All Karl wanted all day long was a churro. He was rather happy when we finally found one.
Tuesday- Our check out time for Crystal Pier was noon. Karl woke up to see the microwave time that read 1:24 (which was actually just the remaining time left on a previous heating of food). Frantically, he informed me it was past noon and we needed to grab our stuff and get out ASAP! Little did we know it was actually 6:00am.... When we finally realized we were 6 hours ahead of schedule, we continued to gather our things and played a nice game of bocce ball on the beach and took one last walk down the pier before we checked out and headed to LA.

When we got to LA, we went to dinner at California Pizza Kitchen, and then we went to see Iron Man 2 at this fun old school theater.

Wednesday- We spent Wednesday the day at 6 Flags! It was so much fun! However.... I lost my shoes on the very first ride. That night, we went to Santa Monica beach for the sunset and ate at this lovely mexican restaurant right on the pier.

Thursday- We ate at Nata's Bakery for breakfast and then made the drive home to Arizona while I fell asleep and drooled on Karl's arm. True love.


Tina said...

What a great trip!!! Love you!

Rachel said...

dang girl!! good luck trumpin that every anniversary!! haha jk but dang sounds like a blast! I wanna go on a honeymoon again :/ i need a vaca ASAP! lets go together!! semi annual Reed/Reidhead vacation here we come!!

The Clawson's said...

Looks like you two had a blast! I love ALL the pictures!

Karen said...

Why didn't I ever think of the ole' "changing the time on your clock" idea? I tried for years to get you up at 6:00 a.m. ... pure genius!