Friday, October 15, 2010

Halloween Time!

When Karl and I first started hanging out, we always took pictures together. Karl wanted to check out my 'equipment' and I wanted to stay strictly business as well. (Whatever. We liked each other.) Last October, Karl and I went to a pumpkin patch and he taught me how to take this long exposure shot-

Little did we know, that very same pumpkin patch was located in the grocery store parking lot behind the apartments where we would live when we got married! (hehe)

That same pumpkin patch is set up again this year! So for family night this week, Karl and I put on our running shoes and jogged on over. How sporty are we?... sometimes. We bought two little baby pumpkins for our little place.

It was such a fun night, and those little pumpkins completed my Halloween spread!

This is my cute countdown I made at enrichment!

Some sweet spray painted branches I stole off Mom and Dad's tree.
Another cheap idea- just find cute Halloween silhouettes, print them on cute paper, and stick them in a frame!

(Yes, Karl. I checked if W. Shakespeare really said that....)

The dust in this picture just adds to the whole Halloween feel.....(embarrassing)
Ta-dah! We are set for Halloween! Do kids Trick-or-Treat at apartments?

And another little side note. Look at this cute sign my momma bought me as an early house-warming gift!! I LOOOOVE it! I've wanted one for so long but could never find the right size or color I liked. She ordered it from Barn Owl Primitive's Etsy Shop. You should check it out.

Thank you, Mom!


The Clawson's said...

Super cute Kace! Did you guys get that house? I sure hope you do, it's too cute!

Karen said...

Oh I remember that pumpkin patch picture ... I didn't know that's where you took it ... so romantic. Your house is as adorable as you are. And, you're welcome.

P.S. Yes, kids trick-or-treat at apartments! But aren't you going to be over here?

The Reidheads said...

You jogged ALL the way over to the pumpkin patch?! No way.. you are so brave. We actually went there last night with meagan & joe! You should see my cute little free pumpkin I decorated from there!

nicole said...

your house is so stinkin cute!