Saturday, September 14, 2013

A Year of Rowe // Firsts & Favorites

Back in April, this sweet boy turned 1! I regret not keeping a better record of all his milestones, but I thought I would try and blog about his first year and at least write about the things I remember.

FIRSTS: Your first time eating real food! 
You were the KING of spitting up. Anytime someone would hear you burp, they would duck and cover. Burp rags were never more than an arms reach away and extra clothes packed for later were a must! Here is a shot of you covered in puke while we were standing in line at the post office and the diaper bag was in the car. Classic. 
As to try and minimize your amount of spitting up and try to get people to actually feel safe holding you, we started giving you rice cereal at about 4 1/2 months. You hated it! (See video) We had to strategically put some in your mouth and quickly wash it down with the bottle. When we let you try real food when you were closer to 7 months, you were MUCH happier!

First tooth! 
One of your little bottom teeth poked it's way out with out us even knowing! You were 6 months old and such a trooper.  (You can also see your first and seemingly only hair in this picture. You were born with old man hair with plenty around the sides and only a few out of place long ones on top!)

First time sitting up on your own at 6 months! 

First time crawling! You were pretty pro at it by the time you were 7 months. With good technique too! None of that scooting around business. You were up on your hands and knees ready to go. 

When you were almost 8 months old, you began pulling yourself up! You had been trying and trying for a while and the very first time you did it was to stand up to see your dad on the couch! You were so proud of yourself! After that, there was no stopping you!

Like I said... You had crazy old man hair! So when you were 9 months old, we gave you your first buzz! You screamed the entire time! But you looked so cute afterward. We had to buzz the sides of your head a handful of times more to allow the hair on top of your head to catch up! 

A few weeks before your first birthday, you began walking! For some reason, you always kept your right hand up by your shoulder.

And then, you were 1! 

We had your first birthday with family and close friends at a park. You were spoiled with lots of books and things with wheels (your favorites)!

Rowe's Favorites: 

Rowe is the happiest when he is outside! Whether it was laying in the grass to now playing at the park, he thrives in the outdoors! Just like his dad. 

You can catch this kid with a book in his hand 75% of the day. He will pass on a whole box of toys if he sees a book. I read all sorts of books to him, but Karl has a book that he always reads that makes Rowe smile and giggle. It's all about different modes of transportation and Karl accompanies each one with an accurate sound effect. I don't even bother trying to read that book to Rowe because it's not as fun as when Dad does. 

FRIENDS: Rowe has 2 little first friends that he loves to play with! Breklyn Passey and Elliott Bittner.

BATH TIME! Rowe loves water! So it's no mystery why he will jump at any opportunity to take a bath. 

(For a while you did this weird Voldemort smile haha)

ROSCOE- He is one of Rowe's favorites probably because he lets Rowe do whatever he wants! Rowe is always hugging him and grabbing him and sitting on him and Roscoe just lays there and lets him. Maybe because Rowe makes up for it by throwing Roscoe his ball every once in a while. 

MOVIES: We watch movies around here, and I am not ashamed to admit it. Rowe's favorites are Toy Story 1, 2 and 3, Finding Nemo, and Lilo and Stitch. If we try and turn on Monsters Inc., he screams in fear. It's so sad and so cute. He also LOVES Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.

Rowe's last and probably most favorite is his Grandma Karen. And he is her favorite too. He runs into her arms whenever he sees her. He loves to visit her or FaceTime her. If Rowe had to choose between me or my mom I have no doubt he would pick her. 

It has been so fun having our little one year old. I can't imagine my life without him. A lot of people are sad when their little babies grow up, but I am just too excited to see what will come next! 

Here is a video of our best year yet!

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