Sunday, September 8, 2013

March {Camping, Swim Lessons & The Zoo)

March... it seems like it was just 5 months ago. Somehow, Karl convinced me to go camping with an 11 month old and cold weather. We went with our friends, the Bittners. Rowe and his little friend Elliott basically took turns crying throughout the entire night. And I don't blame them. I felt like crying at some points as well. But as soon as the sun came up and Rowe saw where we were, he gave us this cheesy smile!

 But I think Roscoe's face better describes how the rest of us were feeling... 

It was a long night, but we had a really fun morning. Rowe got to explore and get dirty. Of course, he was drawn to Dad's big truck tires. He loves wheels. Whether it's on a toy car or a stranger's wheelchair. He goes straight for them! 

Roscoe trying to keep up with the Bittner's dog, Clark.

 Little buddies. 

Roscoe thought he was so tough trying to play with Clark but he would stop right away as soon as he got to he edge of the water. Wimp! 

 My favorite part of camping is always the drive. I love the drive up. It's fun to see different places and get to talk and laugh with Karl. And I love the drive home. Because that means it's over. I know... lame. On the way home from this trip, Karl pulled over and picked me some pretty wildflowers. What a  hunk.

In March, we also got a Phoenix Zoo membership. My good friends Tiffany Passey and Breah Bittner also got one so Rowe has gone to the zoo several times already with his little friends, Breklyn and Elliott. He loves being outside and he loooves the carousel. 

 Creepy Uncle Jake and little Breklyn in the background!

 Puttin on the moves! (Breklyn is 4 months older than Rowe)

We got to do swim lessons for a month with the Bittners at Aqua tots. 

I also got together with Breah at the end of the month to take some cute Easter-ish pictures of our little guys. This one was my favorite. (Rowe is 3 months older than Elliott)

Phone pictures for March-

 Learning to ride his quad at Grandma's
 Park time!

 Karl taught me to mow the lawn

 Fun with cousins

 Making rolls for Easter!
 We redid our kitchen counters/backsplash along with new tile, stained the cabinets darker, and new lighting.

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