Thursday, March 26, 2009

When Life Gives You Lemons......

Some of you may recall from THIS post of our recent adopting of Big Tom. Well it turns out Tom is just a worthless rooster that likes to start preparing for sunrise starting at about 2 am. (Or so I'm told... I sleep right through it!) Now what's a rooster without any chickens? As I said. Worthless. So last week, my family added 7 little chicks to our apparently new farm of a home. I took the responsibility of naming all of them, but we have all claimed one as our own.

(I promise we don't keep them in the house! Dad and Jake had just finished building that and we just got a picture really quick before they went back outside.)

First we have Big Marge (Dad's)
Ralph (Matt's)
Miss Peggy (Mom's)
Geezer (mine)
Ali (Jake's)
Jock (Keaton's)
And last but not least....
Lil B (Garrison's)
(sweet shot huh! haha Mia is dying to eat one...)

Unfortunately, this morning began in tears. Lil B had died during the night and little Garrison was devastated. (Here we go again) But he made it through the school day, and when he came home, he decided that when life gives you lemons....make lemonade! Or something of the sort...

Garrison and his cousin/best friend Joely got right to work. They began by squeezing a variety of citrus into a bowl (using a pasta strainer of course).

Next, they added a pinch of sugar....or two...
.....or fifty
Then after adding a little honey and some hose water...
Joely gave it a good stir with her hand... and they were set to go!
Should I warn the neighbors?
Whatever it takes.....
We'll miss you Lil B.

ALSO Fotos by Flint (and Kacey :D) just redid their entire website! Feel free to check it out!


Karen said...

Oh Lil B, we'll miss you.
But that beverage looks just divine! This is what happens when I leave the house, thanks for capturing it all for me.

Rachel said...

haha your chicken is probably the ugliest thing i've ever seen! haha and i know you said you dont keep them in the house, but that picture you texted me was also in the house... i wish you werent a liar ;P

TJ and Jen Sherwood said...

Hey there, I'm so glad you said hi! Your blog is so cute. I too love Hobby Lobby but I have to stay away- otherwise I spend way too much $$$. It's scary!

'Garrett's mom' said...

Oh man - this post is great! Poor Lil B! I had to laugh at Jock's picture of Keaton in the background with no shirt on.
And I'll be sure to remember this lemonade post if either Garrison or Joely think's they are bringing lemonade to the next FHE :)