Saturday, December 19, 2009

Find That Boogie Body!

If her singing isn't enough to keep you going.... she is sure to add encouraging catch phrases!
"Find it. Feel it. Do it."
"You aint got nothin but time!... and I'm here with ya!"
"Shake it sugar. Do it to it!"
"Get loose for heaven's sake!"
"We never get enough jazzercising!"
"Every body's got a little soul in their hips!"
"Hot dog."

hahahahaha Now stand up and try to do it with her.


Karl T photography said...

O. M. G. hahah. Kacey I know that your gym class at MCC ended... but I dont think this is the answer. "mmm chika mmm chika mmm chika mmm"

Nicole said...

when i was watching this my little brother who is 13 started doing haha! blossom has a blog btw its its on main and country club