Sunday, December 20, 2009

Trover Family!


Clairissa said...

Hey girl! I had a quick question for ya....I'm coming down to AZ and have about 5 sessions booked and needed some location ideas. I've mostly shot at Freestone park and Mesa Arts Center, but wondered if you had any other fabulous spots you could share? Thanks so much! You do beautiful work! xoxo - clairissa cooper (kari's sister)

Clairissa said...

Hey! Thanks for the email! Yes, I'd love to show you guys how to make the headbands. Kari wanted to make some while I'm there so you're welcome to drop by and hang with us while we do. I'd be really interested in the alleys you are talking about. What part past the arts center are they located? That would be perfect for the family I'm shooting on wednesday. Thanks!