Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Morgan & Colten are married!

Morgan has been one of my best friends since forever! It was so fun being able to take her wedding pictures for her. I am so happy for her and Colten! We have all been waiting for this day for a long time! I was a bridesmaid and was unable to take some of the pictures that I had to be in, of course. So a special THANK YOU to Flint Rogers and Karl Reed!


'Garrett's mom' said...

Kac you make me want to get all dressed up in my wedding dress and take pics all over again! Your awesome!

Tina said...

Grandma is soooo proud of you! God job! xox

Clairissa said...

AWESOME job on Morgan's wedding! I'm doubly amazed at your ability to be a bridesmaid AND the photographer. That is hard work! I once did a wedding for a sister in law and had to be in a few of the pics. It was tough and I said I'd never do that again....haha.