Friday, April 9, 2010


I spent Easter morning with the Reeds! We watched the morning session of conference and had an Easter egg hunt. Then Karl and I spent the afternoon at my house. Unlike the Reeds (and probably any other family in the world) we first found the eggs, THEN dyed them.

Oh that little brown egg? It's just from our chickens in the backyard. No big deal....

The next day, we had our monthly McKinnon family park night. My super stella aunt Pauline hid 600 EGGS for all the cousins to find! Jake and Trenton used a giant bin instead of the baskets provided.... (according to Jake's pants... he's growing.)

It appears that my mom is trying to stop the cousins from stealing Jake and Trenton's eggs.
Wait... what are you hiding in your jacket, Mom? And why do you look so sly?

All the cousins had a ton of fun, and we missed the 10 that weren't there!

On another note. You know you're officially a member of the family when you've wrestled with the father. You know the family loves you when the grandpa joins in!

Aaaaand we got our marriage license this week!! So exciting! Karl and I couldn't stop laughing for like 2 seconds just to take a picture. We're pretty awesome.


Karen said...

Long post = Long comment.

1. The only reason the eggs weren't colored is because your little brothers refused to color them without you ... you've been very busy!

2. Jake's pants. Ha ha ha ha ha!

3. Adorable pictures of my little nieces & nephews.

4. The scary part about whatever I was being sneaky about ... is that I have no recollection of what I was doing!

5. Um, when did Dad go bald? I've never looked at him from that view!!!

6. Kacey + Karl = Smoochie, smoochie cuteness!

Tina said...

You two are so dang cute! And the rest of the family ain't so bad either. Looks like great fun... sorry we missed it....

Julie said...

My heart has the butterflies just looking at you and Karl. I so wish I was there to help you. It is killing me. I sewed a lot on your quilt today. It's going to be so pretty. The Easter Birthday party looks fun. Can't wait to be a part again. Then you all can really start enjoying them again. Love your gutts. Aunt Julie

KP said...

freaking looove you!