Thursday, April 22, 2010


Thank you to Morgan and Melissa!

I really like this one.... my only complaint is that it is SO silver... the rhinestones/crystals aren't really the main focus. The only reason why that is even a big deal is because that would tie it together with the embellishment on my dress.

Which made me love this one. The pearls bring me back to the shabby chic/modern vintage look I want. Issue.... It's gold based rather than silver. But this is progress.


Karl T photography said...

so im not a girl..but from that picture you posted (use this number in google search: '944333', its the picture number extracted from your picture you posted) I found where that bracelet was originally from... anthropologie. The problem is that they no longer sell it, as you can see on the link from this page...

this is the best I could find:

unfortunately it looks stretchy (pants, just for fun), but less straight laced.

I love you. i dont care what you wear, as long as the bracelet doesnt get in the way of me holding your hand.

Karl T photography said...

fyi in your search with 944333, only look at the image findings, as it is an image number only, not a model number.

Adele said...

I was anthropologie a couple of weeks ago, and they had a bracelet very similar to the one you want, it just didn't have the clasp. I believe it was about $40 dollars. Good luck