Thursday, July 8, 2010

4th of July!

I don't know why, but ever since I got engaged, I couldn't wait for 4th of July!! I just thought it would be the funnest day ever to spend with my husband! And guess what... it was!!!! Friday night, we drove up past Strawberry and camped at a place near Kehl Springs.

We camped here under the amazing stars! I had never seen so many before, and they all looked so close!
And we woke up to this! It was such a pretty view.
Karl camped here a lot growing up, so we hiked around a lot so he could show me all the cool places he had found over the years. I almost stepped on this little guy!
Remember that ax I told you about? That's my man. He taught me how to chop wood this trip.
We took a secret road into a nice shadey part of the woods and made breakfast burritos!

Then we found the Reed's Aspen Groves. Karl's family has been carving their names into these trees for decades! And all the kids come back to add their spouses/kids names. I was told I wasn't an official member of the family until my name was on a tree. So it's for real now guys... I'm a Reed.

We found Karl's older brother's tree. This is what ours will look like in a few years!
After some more exploring and antique shopping in Pine, we headed to my grandparents house in Heber. It was fun being able to spend time with them! Not to mention their bathroom... Later that night, we met up with our good friends the Reidheads for some BBQ. Then we walked down to the fields for fireworks!! My family used to go to Heber fireworks every year. They have the greatest fireworks show ever!

I think 4th of July in Heber will be one of the first traditions our little family establishes. It seriously was one of the funnest weekends since we've been married. I love Karl so much. Sometimes I just think I'm going to burst with happiness! I love being able to take trips with him and not having to say goodbye at night. I feel so safe and comfortable with him. (even if there are spiders all over the place!) I love every minute with Karl, and I can't wait for what our future has in store for us.


melmck said...

Isn't it the best when you get to go on trips with your husband without having to have anyone else around? It's still my favorite.

chelsea :: stock said...

wow, you guys beat jeff and I by about... five years! we still haven't been up to carve his name. i feel ashamed now.

it tickles me that karl found someone to show all his secret woodsman places. thats pretty awesome.

Karen said...

Kacey + Karl = Kamping

Enjoy every minute of this my girl!

Kacey's View said...

Wait a second mom.... that spells out KKK.... uhhhhhhh

Mrs. Bennett said...

You two are so cute. Enjoy your newlywed time, it goes by way too fast!!